Ivy Rose Worsley is nine months old. That she made it to the world, she does not owe only to their parents. Laura and Dave Worsley had tried before her birth many times to have a Baby, always without success. 13 pregnancies ended in births, with the longest reaching 20. Week of pregnancy (SSW). The Couple from Kenilworth, around 150 kilometres North-West of London, turned to the Professor Siobhan Quenby, who works as Director of the Biomedical research unit for reproductive medicine at the University of Warwick. With your help, the 14 was. Pregnancy is a success, its the result of Ivy, the 35-year-old mother, says: “Even now, after nine months, I can’t believe you really belongs to me.”

It was in 2008, when the Worsleys for the first Time because of a miscarriage, the heart broke, the BBC reports. When she lost the third child, didn’t you know that something is wrong. The Doctors advised them to try it more, but the fourth pregnancy was terminated, advised to contact the expert Quenby. Laura Worsley was investigated and it turned out that she suffered from an autoimmune disease called Antiphospholipid syndrome (APS). At APS, women develop the disease in the first place, one of the symptoms are births in recurrent miscarriage.

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First, the advice to try it with high doses of folic acid, a Vitamin which is involved in the body’s growth processes, cell division and blood formation, and most of the Pregnant women, or women with a desire to have children taken is was. But it didn’t help. “We have participated in studies, made all the Tests and tried different medications, all in the hope that something may help,” says Laura of the BBC. Two pregnancies made it through the twelfth week, but the Couple lost the two boys, Graceson, 2015, and Leo in 2017. “If I have to be honest, I don’t know how I coped,” says Laura. “Dave remained strong for me, but when we lost the boys, he had to really fight.”

Laura says you’ve lost years of your life to trying to get a child. “I thought, if I can’t have a Baby, I see no sense in my life.” Leo’s placenta was examined and it revealed a second disease: chronic histiocytic Intervillositis (CHIV), which leads to rejection of the uterus. When Laura had died in the process, parts of the placenta. The Professor explained that she had been women can, therefore, be of help, but Laura didn’t know whether she wanted to be again pregnant. But if there was only a glimmer of hope, the parents agreed that they wanted to risk it again.

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After a drug treatment, the uterus is optimally prepared, the Pair of the 14. Times pregnant the normal way. The Doctor explained according to the BBC, they would have used, despite their side effects steroids, to Laura’s suppress the immune system and the pregnancy is over 24. To bring SSW. This is the time from the babies survival chance, if you come to early to the world. Medicine helped with the blood clotting.

Laura and Dave dared not to believe that it could work out this time. They told anyone about it, which was very difficult. But: “I thought, if we tell it, then it is nothing,” said Laura. In the 30. SSW bubble burst Laura the fruit, while you lay in bed. Ivy came by caesarean section, she weighed a little more than 800 grams, Laura had General anesthesia. “My husband saw her first,” says Laura. “He showed me a photo of her, when I woke up.” Ivy was already on the intensive care unit of the neonatal Department and was in the brood. After three days, they were allowed to hold you for the first Time. After two months, Professor Quenby came. “I was delighted to see you, but I could not until I knew that everything is okay. I asked the sisters to go to her and check on her for me, I was too afraid,” says the empathic Doctor.

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eleven weeks could Ivy home, in the meantime, she is nine months old and magnificently grown. Laura’s case is regarded worldwide as an example that women can have with their prerequisites successful pregnant. “I look at you and think ‘miracles happen,'” says Laura. “I’ve read of the wonders of other people and now I have my own.”

sources: BBC, Facebook


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