The game everyone from the sports teaching know almost. During Dodge ball, two Teams are formed, which are on each side of the field. Then it comes to the players of the opposing team with a Ball to throw, until only one player is left. For generations, international ball is a part of the teaching of sport in Germany and many other countries. And not a few students have carried on from their time at school, a veritable dodgeball Trauma that has developed for some is also a General aversion to ball sports.

scientists from Canada have engaged in a study of how students perceive the game. They came to the conclusion that Dodge ball can be “oppressive” and “dehumanizing”. These are the findings of a survey of students presented to three researchers at a Congress in Vancouver and the “Washington Post” reported. In North America, is played with “Dodgeball” is often an even more stringent version of the international ball, at the several balls at the same time be used.

especially weaker students suffer from dodgeball

“dodgeball is the equivalent of legalized bullying,” said Joy Butler, one of the authors of the study, the TV station CBC. Butler teaches in Vancouver at the University of British Columbia and has worked long as a teacher. The study will soon appear in the journal “European Physical Education Review”.

opinion missed the goal? Like me of the school sports for decades, the desire to be spoiled has believed By Wiebke Tomescheit

teachers, children would have fun at this Sport and dodgeball students “real world ready”. In reality, however, Butler and her colleagues heard many stories of children, the other circuits nearby. The stronger students used the game to humiliate weaker classmates.

“physical education should be a place where teachers, students help to control their aggression, rather than to live,” said Butler of the Washington Post. “The message of the game is that it’s okay to hurt others.” A student told her, for example, that you over at the peoples ball is always to the rear, to hide the Ball: “Is this what you learn in the classroom?” Stephen Berg, a Professor of education at UBC Okanagan, told the CBC: “In school we talk a lot about kindness, empathy and compassion. In the sports teaching all of these concepts.”

a teacher should be. for more balance in the sport classes

Joy Butler and her research colleagues fed the stories you students about Dodge ball, in their study with the theories of the forms of oppression in justice and politics Shockingly, many of which were also found in the statements of the students again. Butler calls, therefore, on teachers, and more reflect on the games that you put on the curriculum in the teaching of sport and to have the weaker and quieter students.

“sports, teachers should look at their curriculum and for more balance. It can waive some of the games, and other disciplines to include: Outdoor activities, Fitness, Gymnastics or water sports.” As an Alternative, the researchers also recommend that teachers allow students to self-develop games, to school sports to be in the mood. All the children should be together on the set of rules.

sources: “the Washington Post” / CBC


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