speaks During the Bavarian state government, this evaluation prompt, see the trade Union of the police in the analysis, even as an opportunity.

The 30-page legal opinion on behalf of the Green group in the Bundestag comes to the conclusion that Bayern have no legislative competence for a border protection. In essence, the lawyers have noted: The control of the border is the responsibility of the Federal police, double the responsibilities to reject the Federal constitutional court.

Around 500 officers, which were previously only for the veil wanted to be responsible, since the 18th century. July in Bavaria as the border police. Especially Söder had been working. In your everyday life, the determination to work in the border behind the country – such as civil investigators, or in the Form of large checks is more of the focus. Newly added to the direct operations on the border, which, however, occur in direct consultation with the Federal police came but.

From the perspective of the Bavarian state government is to suspend anything. Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU), the border police of the Constitution covered. A competence scramble, as it is critical of the advice, not giving it. The opinion is also outside of Bavaria, far away from the police practice. It is unclear what the CSU politician said. Also, Herrmann points out that you use already for years in the Federal law on the police provided opening clause and therefore controls to some Bavarian airports do.

poll: Whose Position as a party leader is weakened by the outcome of the state election in Bavaria, in their opinion, most clearly?


The report on an administrative agreement, the border checks allowed by the countries. However, there is explicitly regulated that it is not only airports, is it from the authors. Beyond that, “conveys the administration agreement, the free state of Bavaria, however, no competences”.

unionists would use border police officers rather be somewhere else

And while the Opposition in Bavaria, the government is calling on the CSU to do their “campaign non-starter, Bavarian border police” to be abolished, also sees a need for the trade Union of police (GdP), but also opportunities. “This opinion is a good reason to create on the border the situation is clear,” said the Vice-GdP-in-chief Jörg Radek, the “editors’ network Germany”. “Border protection is the primary task of the Federal police. If the Tenor of the opinion is that there should be no divided responsibility, then we feel confirmed to us.“ Radek suggested, to the Bavarian police officers who are currently deployed on the border to Austria, for General police tasks.

According to the police trade unionist are currently 1800 officials of the Federal police on the German-Austrian border. You take the protection of this border is very much true. At the same time neglected the borders to Belgium, France and the Netherlands. They wanted to have the same level of protection, you would need 3700 Federal police officers.

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