studies have shown that the blood pressure is reduced by the interval of fasting, and thus the risk for subsequent diseases, such as heart attacks can be reduced. The Trend is based on the idea that the human body is not made for the constant intake of food.

Our ancestors roamed for hours through forests and fields to collect food, and eat often, only Once a day. The modern people lots of food are, however, round-the-clock number and accordingly he often uses. In order to reduce Overweight and obesity, we should focus again more on our ancestors.

How interval works fast, and what is there to note?

There are several variants of the interval fasting. The two most popular variants of the 5:2 fasting and 8:16 are fasting. In the case of the 5:2 method, you should eat a day, five days per week normal. Two days of fasting: women should take this day, only 500 calories, and men 600 calories. The body has to tap into in these days its own reserves.

The 8:16-fasting you may eat, however, at eight hours per day as normal and do without 16 hours on solid food. When exactly fasting. Many people put on the so-called "Breakfast-Cancelling" and let the Breakfast fail. You eat, for example, at 11 in the morning, your first large meal, and another great meal at 18 o’clock. Then 16 hours of fasting. Other Breakfast at 8 clock in to work, and already late in the afternoon, the last meal. dpa/Monique Wüstenhagen, When fasting is so removed some of it temporarily from your diet. Tea, however, is allowed.

fits What is the interval of fasting is best for you, you need to find out on your own. 8:16-fasting, many people find fasting easier than 5:2 -. However, the 8.16 fasting keep it is difficult, if you want to go out in the evening. A slightly more sophisticated method is the "Alternate Day Fasting," you-can-eat alternately a day and then the next day fasting.

the 5:2 interval fasting

succeeds If you want to opt for the 5:2 method, you should consider carefully which days you are fasting. Well the Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday are suitable, for example. So you can enjoy the weekend.

Important: do you Want to lose with the interval fast actually weight, you should also pay attention to the “normal” days on a healthy and low-calorie diet. Interval of not fasting, to eat excessive Junk food and Sweets.

Divide the allowed 500 or 600 calories on fast days. Highly recommended are protein-rich, low-calorie foods, such as fish, lean meat and vegetables. Protein satiates longer than carbohydrates. At the same time, it does not burden the blood sugar less than carbohydrates, so it is distributions to a violent Insulin, and concomitant comes food cravings attacks. PDF fasting: purification of body and soul Our PDF guide shows you ten truths about fasting and its methods and traditions.To the PDF guide

What to do when you are hungry?

modern man is accustomed, at the first stomach growl go to the refrigerator. However, you will not die from Hunger, if you ignore your stomach. Distract you by company, for example, a walk, an episode of your favorite series, or watch with friends and family on the phone. Water, unsweetened teas, and vegetable broth to keep your stomach also busy, until it is time to eat. Studies have shown that the body will quickly become used to the interval fasting and not immediately sound the Alarm.

Autophagy as the inner renewal of the program

you have to tap the body to produce energy of its own reserves, the process of Autophagy in human cells clean up, then useless and dead parts of the cell and burn it. It also damaged the cell will be destroyed parts of cancer and other civilization can trigger diseases. Autophagy and, thus, the fast also act like a body’s own self-cleaning programme, which even prevents diseases.

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