Became famous weather on February 4 in Moscow

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

cloudy weather is expected in the capital on Tuesday, February 4. On it informs a portal “Meteonovosti”.

it is Noted that in some areas of the city may pass a light snow.

Forecasters predict that the daytime temperature in Moscow range from minus 3 to minus 5 degrees. Thus in the evening it can drop to minus 6 degrees Celsius.

during the day, will blow the West wind gusts up to 11 meters per second. The atmospheric pressure will be 731 mm Hg. Relative humidity – 83%.

Earlier it became known that in Moscow will hold the deicing treatment of roads and sidewalks in anticipation of the cold. It was reported that these events will take place on the night of 4 February.

At the same time in the MANAGEMENT of the Metropolitan has asked drivers to refrain from trips to private transport. The Ministry said that from-for slippery roads there is a risk of increasing the number of accidents.

In turn, the researcher hydrometeorological centre of Russia Roman Vilfand reported that the temperature in Moscow this week for the first time in the winter close to the climate norm. This will happen on Thursday, February 6.

the cold will begin from Wednesday. It is expected that by the weekend the temperature may drop to minus 17 degrees.

February frosts will come to Moscow

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