How healthy is North Korea’s overweight and Smoking in power, Kim Jong-Un? After the historic meeting with Kim at the inner-Korean border, US President, Donald Trump wrote on Monday (local time) on Twitter: “We had a great Meeting, he looked really good and very healthy.” Now Trump is objected to, of all things, to whose house channel Fox News. The doctor and medical expert at the station, Marc Siegel, said Monday evening that he thought that Kim was suffering from “obesity-hypoventilation syndrome”.

“What is a fashionable word for someone who is obese is not enough air in his lungs can get, and a thick neck, where the fat in the neck compresses the breathing under,” said Siegel. Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson – of the state at the time of the Meeting on Sunday, according to its own figures, only around one Meter away from Kim and Trump had reports of whistling breath sounds of the North Korean, which would have sounded like a lung sick.

“Absolutely concerned about Kim’s health,”

“said The Smoking is in addition to the obesity and thick neck, always lead to serious health problems,” seal Carlson’s show. “On the Basis of what I have seen and what you describe, I would be absolutely concerned about his health.”

sources: AP, Heidelberger sleep lab

tkr / DPA


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