Iran is said to have exceeded a media report according to which for the first time, the upper limit of its low-enriched uranium inventories. The semi-official Iranian Fars news Agency reported on Monday.

According to the Vienna nuclear deal, the prescribed upper limit is 300 kg. The Exceedance was confirmed according to the Fars also of the inspectors of the International atomic energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA held on Monday, but still covered. “Our inspectors’ on-site and the Central office will report, as soon as the level of stocks is verified,” said an IAEA spokesman in Vienna.

The nuclear agreement, from 2015, is intended to prevent Tehran building a nuclear bomb. In addition to the ceiling on allowable inventories of Iran must note the condition that he is not allowed to enrich its uranium higher than 3.67%. This second edition wants Tehran to previous data on 7. July hurt.

Thus, the Islamic Republic is responding primarily to the sanctions policy of the United States. The US government had withdrawn under Donald Trump out of the agreement to 2018, and has turned the screw since then, becoming more and more of the sanction. The Iranian-once-hoped-for economic recovery by facilitating In – and Export has been torpedoed by these steps. The remaining partners of the agreement – Russia, China, France, Britain and Germany – have been trying for some time to save the Deal.

The IAEA had certified since the beginning of 2016, the extremely carefully controlled Iran, more than a dozen Times in compliance. Violations of the agreement do not want to accept the remaining partners to the agreement without further notice.



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