HAMON – Tuesday, Benoit Hamon unveiled a part of the list of his party for the european elections. The opportunity to make the point on his campaign.

[updated on 27 February 2019 at 16h32] It was Tuesday, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Benoit Hamon unveiled the list of his party’s Generation.s for the european elections next may. A list that he will direct and which contains for the moment only 30 names. “We are the list environmentalist and left-wing “, has hammered the candidate be deprived of the PS in the last presidential election. Of the past, of course, but you can not deny his beliefs, on which it has a new build.

The program, therefore : a politics of solidarity towards migrants, gender equality, and, of course, the ecological transition in the foreground. Benoît Hamon has also drawn up an inventory of the EU. According to him, “Europe gives us a freedom to act that the nation-States do not give us more. This is the right level, and there is an urgency to fight against those who have distorted the european Union”.

Hamon account on the effect of surprise

The fear of a new slap in the polls is swept by a desire to “take risks”. “Each time, we predicted the doom, and it happens to us happiness. We are going to be the surprise of this election. […] The citizens decide at the time of the european. If it does not break the game to the european Parliament, nothing will happen. It is necessary to disobey and lead a guerrilla parliamentary”, estimates from the World, Guillaume Balas, coordinator-general of the party, former, also, of the PS, and a member of the list where we find, pell-mell, former socialists, therefore, elected officials, environmentalists, but also people from civil society, such as activists or even the president of the Samu social of Paris.

The final list still has to be approved by the activists of Generation.s. Regarding the campaign, Hamon promised that the restraint, the height of the means of Generation.s. “There will be no debauchery of funding. We will make public the identity of donors, the budget,” he says from the newspaper in the evening. Enough to reach the 5%, synonymous of seats in the european parliament ? Recent surveys to establish precisely in terms of voting intentions at the height of 3 to 4%…. But Benoît Hamon assures, “there is always a surprise to the european”.

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