will be installed In the Russian part of the International space station ISS in the future of surveillance cameras. A spokesman for the Russian space Agency Roscosmos said, according to Russian media. A spaceman must be on this Work is prepared, the spokesman said. It was unclear exactly where the cameras are mounted.

Roscosmos is in response to a in August discovered a leak in a docked Soyuz space capsule, which had in the meantime led to a drop in pressure in the affected part. Shortly thereafter, it was managed to seal the hole. The cause of the leak is unknown. In Russian media there was speculation about Sabotage. As is more likely, however, that it is a production error of the capsule, the hole is created on the earth.

Two cosmonauts had studied at the beginning of December in the case of an outdoor use of the affected area. The German Astronaut Alexander Gerst brought with him before Christmas, samples from the space capsule to earth. Experts hope to be able to the identify the cause.


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