Leakage is the most common problem for vapors. People ask us which vape tank doesn’t have any leakage problem. Our experts had tried to explore some quality vape tanks and they did it. Today we will share some exciting vape tanks that are free from this leakage problem. Let’s begin.

Which type of vape tanks need to choose

We have tried many vaping tanks and found some tanks which are perfect to use. Today we talk about RTA, RDA, and SUB-OHM tanks. These vaping tanks are ideal to use, and they are free from the leakage problem, one of the several problems that have led to lawsuits in the e-cigarette industry, according to USALegal. Why are they free from this problem? Before we answer this question, we want to give some basic information about vape tanks.

Source: Mig Vapor

Some basic knowledge about vape tank

There are three types of tanks

  1. Cartomizer
  2. Clearomizer
  3. Glassomizer

If you talk about clearomizer and glassomizer, they are almost the same except for the reservoir material. In a clearomizer, we found a coil. It has wicks for absorbing the e-liquid. Because it has wicks, vapors don’t need to refill juice over and again. Except for the reservoir material, the glassomizer is the same as the clearomizer. What is the reservoir? A reservoir not made of plastic. It is made of pyrex glass. Pyrex glass doesn’t erode over time, but it causes acidity.

Now come to the cartomizer. The cartomizer has a cotton ball for absorbing e-juice. Compared with clearomizer and glassomizer, it is absorbed more e-liquid.

Source: Mig Vapor

Which types of qualities need to present a vape tank

The model of the vape tank coil is the most important thing. Coils are playing an important role in clouding. Without a good quality coil, vapors will not be going to enjoy vaping. Some vape companies provide a coil pre-attached with their brand product, but they might be mixed up with good and average quality coils together in this case. Our suggestion, try to buy vape coils separately for the perfect vaping.

In our second noticeable matter is the built quality. The significant fact for leakage is the built quality issue. Some profitable brands provide the best-built quality vape tanks.

Last but not least is the battery quality. Yes, the battery is the power-house for a vape pen. So we need good power for more clouds. After we have researched above all points, we have decided some products for you. We believe these products will not break your trust.

Best vape tanks that don’t leak are

  1. Famovape fat baby mesh
  2. Smok tfv16 sub-ohm
  3. Augvape Intake leak-proof RTA
  4. Wotofo Profile RDA
  5. Aspire Revvo sub-ohm tank

A single article can’t cover all the best products. If you are looking for more information on the new vape tank, get your information click here.

1. Famovape Fat Baby Mesh tank

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First, check out its box content. In the box, we found a tank, a mesh coil, a replacement bubble glass tube, and two replacement o-rings.

It has an in-house design and a sliding top cap. With the help of adjustable airflow, it can deliver more air efficiency in the tank.

The mesh coils are the top-notch feature at this price point. Suppose we talk about the built quality and ornamental engraving on the tank. It has a 6 ml bubble glass or another option is a 4 ml straight tank.

We have tested this product and it doesn’t leak.

Key features:

  • Multi battery options
  • A better quality O-rings
  • Exhaustive flavor
  • A good amount of cloud
  • Wicking fast
  • A huge tank
  • No leaking

2. Smok tfv16 sub-ohm

Source: FastTech

Smok is the most popular vape brand in the world. It has the biggest hardware manufacturer team in the vape industry. The company is famous for its innovations and made creative technologies repeatedly.

The tfv16 model is its vital innovation. Honeycomb design makes this product more efficient for vaporization. It has a lot of small holes for absorbing more e-juice.

They have updated airflow slots, which can make a good amount of clouds. With the help of Pyrex glass, it can preserve 9ml of vape juice.

We found 0.17-ohm TFV 16 mesh coil and *1 0.12ohm TFV dual mesh coil.

Key features

  • Perfect clouds
  • Great coils
  • Large capacity
  • No leaking

3. Augvape Intake leak-proof RTA

We found mike vapes, replacement glass, drip tip, resin drip tip, drip adapter, screwdriver, and a bag of spare parts in the box. Take a view inside of this tank. The best feature of this tank- single coil RTA which is truly a unique design. It is fully leak-proof. It has a bottom airflow RTA which is capable of maintaining enough airflow inside of the vape. 24mm diameter and 4.2ml max capacity shape makes this tank the best on this list.

Key features:

  • Leakproof
  • Two adjustable airflow slots
  • Single coil RTA
  • Have a dual-post build deck

4. Wotofo Profile RDA

Source: e-cigSerbia Forum

If you are an RDA lover, this product is the best for you. We discovered consumer perception and found out this product is top-notch according to their verdict.

It has an excellent design finished product with a fine deck. Its mesh coils are too good. If you love Squonking, you should go with this.

Key features

  • Awesome deck, simple to use
  • Leak-proof mechanism
  • Best for Squonking

5. Aspire Revvo Sub-ohm tank

Are you looking for refilling through a drip tip tank? This product is designed for those who like the unique top-fill design. The revolutionary thing in the product is its ARC system (Aspire Radial Coil). This design is leakproof and works very well.

Key features

  • Leakproof
  • Better coil life
  • ARC system
  • Easy to fill


In our old school of vaping, we faced some problems such as leakage. But after the innovative revolution of vape products, most of the problems are improving day by day. Vape companies are trying to enhance their product quality. We have tried many products, but we can’t describe that huge list of good quality vape tanks for the shortage of time. In the end, you have to justify the built quality, coil quality, and the type of vape tank before buying a product.