Very nice and engaging, The new novel by Sebastian Fitzek is playing in the perfect environment for a scary psychological Thriller. In a Pyschiatrie. “The prisoner” tells the story of the perfidious game around a mentally ill child murderer, and a father who puts himself in danger to life, to the Disappearance of his son. Pure excitement with a surprising end.

What’s in the audiobook?

don’t Trust anyone. Not even yourself. Till after the Disappearance of his 6-year-old son Max under a pretext in the psychiatric ward. Because here, the alleged kidnapper of his son Guido Tramnitz a sitting. The murder of the little Laura could Tramnitz be demonstrated and also for Max, it doesn’t seem to give a lot of hope. But this murder was committed Tramnitz, which was declared by the court, erroneously as incompetent and therefore sit rather than in prison in the Psychaitrie, not confessed. To finally know what has made the child murderer with his son, must Till to speak to him in person.


The audiobook version of the novel: Sebastian Fitzeks “The occupant” is a captivating psychological Thriller. Who wants to root for, find the Audio Version at Audible to Download.

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His brother-in-law who is a detective with the Berlin police, helps him at the briefing. Under the alias of Patrick Winter he discharged Till in the clinic. However, here, Till, before he could get to the alleged kidnappers of his son, in front of unsolvable problems. A fellow inmate tried to kill him, his brother-in-law is no longer to reach over the hidden cell phone and one of the psychiatrist plays a false game, the Till could be fatal.

And even his false identity, prepares him more and more headaches. How are the Parallels between him and Patrick Winter? Why are him and his brother-in-law, of all things, the identity of a father who killed his child? After the Till is faced with more and more inconsistencies. However, when he begins seriously to his began to doubt the formatted instruction, it is already too late…

For whom is the book?

Please don’t be squeamish! Because in “The inmate” is Fitzek in the described murder of Children pretty much to the last Detail. But who can tolerate the and exciting psycho-Thriller like with many twists and turns in the plot, is exactly right here.

Who is speaking?

Simon hunter. Pleasant and experienced voice. You know him already, too many of the other audiobook versions of Fitzeks novels.

The author

Sebastian Fitzek is the master of the German psycho-Thriller. His stories are famous notorious, that there is never only the vorderg√ľndig told a story: Every Time you think you have the solution to the puzzle, a new twist and leaves the reader totally by surprise.

What sucks?

Not so much. If, then, one might sometimes lose so much surprising plot strands of the thread. A bit of concentration you should bring this audiobook. In addition, there are Non-acute sleep risk. Not only because the audiobook is extremely exciting, but also because there is a risk to shudder.


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