In her radio show “What you Want” in “N-Joy” answered the king, Boris, Bjorn concrete and doctoral Renz of Fettes Brot questions from viewers. The more absurd, the better. The funniest answers of the three Hip-Hop Stars have now been collected in a book. A reason to bomb the guys even with a couple of curious issues.


“What seems to Want to Know” (12 euros) by Fettes Brot on the 19. February in the trade


you bring out a book (“What to Know”) with absurd questions from viewers. For example: “How would an eighth day of the week?” Or “Like kangaroos, scratching your back?”. Are you ready to answer a few absurd questions?

Björn concrete:. As much as we can. To the best of our Knowledge and belief. We have no Conscience and very little Knowledge.

Why footballers spit so much on the lawn, other athletes spit, however, is almost never?

Björn concrete: do you want to do the grass some Good.

king Boris: Football players don’t spit? The remains likely to be on the grid in front of the face to hang.

Björn concrete: The players are simply Freaks of lawn-fetish. These are the actual Greenkeeper.

doctor Renz: Ooh, it’s a but dry.

Björn concrete: you can spit quite often on a place, so that the opponent slips right there.

king Boris: I think it is the feeling that the lawn is very large and the likelihood of you slipping on your own spit, is smaller than, let’s say, on a tennis court.

Now it’s an Either-Or-question (from a movie): Either you can drink for a lifetime only plain water or any beverage must contain a shot of pee.

doctor Renz: Whose pee? So if’s is the…

king Boris: Then, B!

doctor Renz: What about alcohol? You would have to smoke the alcohol or runny nose, as a substitute.

Björn concrete: You can drink any beverage, but with piss. The is absolutely no question!

doctor difference: We take the piss.

Björn concrete: of Course!

doctor Renz: So are we.

Björn concrete: We take the drink with piss! There are also many people who think that would be good. I could imagine that you get used to it. Also depends on how much is in there.

It must be a bit disgusting.

king Boris: I always ask the question: What would you rather do you a year do not cover, or a year with a bouquet of living together.

do Not cover. Bouquets are nasty. It is only difficult in the Hamburg Winter.

Björn concrete: And on the Cover you get used to it much faster than an ostrich. We have already met a bunch of, that is the hardness. This is not a live ostrich.

king Boris: I don’t know. If it comes with the clear. On the to work

doctor Renz: I think rides…, you can get used to it. If Lemon drinking pee-vodka, can you get used to it, not to cover up.

Björn concrete: It is for me, not an Either-Or question. I’ll take anything. Pee-vodka-Lemon, and the bouquet and not to cover for me. I cover myself with the bouquet.

If I should Wake up tomorrow as a man, I attract nothing. What can I do?

Björn concrete: I find your Outfit so well, even as a man.

But since I no longer fit in then Yes.

king Boris: Oh, so a man you are.

A real mucky man.

Björn concrete: If already already.

king Boris: A real man-man. Then you need to attract nothing. Putting yourself first on the balcony, looking down on you. You’ll notice immediately: the Wind of freedom.

doctor Renz: But it is at home crying, is clear.

Why mention the people in the Elevator?

Björn concrete: Personal Space. My dance, your dance area. It is too close. If you were to then say what, that would be so uncomfortable. I imagine myself with my wife in the Elevator right up to them and then I kuschele me to you. If you kiss me then, I say to her “listen, we’re family!”.

king Boris: If you have a bit strange sense of humour, to the Close of an Elevator, of course.

doctor Renz: For example, “Macbeth” quote.

Björn concrete: I remember a Situation in an Elevator in Las Vegas. There’s a woman in the Elevator, which has been incredibly sipped the Cola. She wore a T-Shirt that read, “Drink like a girl. Can you keep up with me”, or so. And she was excited loudly in front of their girlfriend over their friend, who was still hungover in bed. I found it extremely uncomfortable.

doctor Renz is The sense that you will not be as ripped close in the life of someone you know.

king Boris: If the Internet in between, I can’t stand it!

Björn concrete: The documentary about you would you immediately look at?

king Boris: Yes, of course!

the report of the week “The evil comes closer to” How Fettes Brot against gentrification and the “inhuman darkness” fight Of Luisa Schwebel

How would you call your Band, if you would start?

king Boris: In any case, non-Fat bread.

doctor Renz: “a Delicate Seedling,” I heard.

Björn concrete: We have established in our radio show, a punk band called the “debris of a Dachshund”. I found a very good name. For a punk band you know what you get.

king Boris: I can tell you that at the time, really “Confused people” was still in the shortlist.

doctor difference: We were also Boris and the call boys.

king Boris: Exactly.

doctor Renz: The shit found the two of us.

king Boris: I can’t remember who it was against. Fat bread is obviously shitty is also conceivable. But therefore, can remember the all. I find an ambivalent relationship to the own band’s name is Special, too.

doctor Renz: I remember when we just had our first record out, I have a load with a record-seller in Freiburg spoke and asked him: “do you Have Fat bread?” “No, so I noticed me,” he said. And I thought: Good and bad response at the same time.

“What you Want” by Fettes Brot (Rowohlt, 12 Euro) appears on the 19. February in the trade.


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