There are few people who can look back on such a successful life as Bill Gates. The 63-Year-old founded in his twenties, Microsoft dominated with the relevant co-developed Windows for decades in the software world, and an eternity topped the list of the richest people in. In an Interview, he confessed nevertheless to have the “biggest mistake ever” committed.

“In the Software world, especially in terms of platforms, really can only be a win. So, it was the biggest mistake of all time – in which miss management I was involved -that Microsoft has not managed to be what is now Android: The Non-Apple Standard for Smartphones. The would have had to create Microsoft, of course,” admits Gates is self-critical in the conversation with the investors-company Village Global.

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Microsoft Missed out on raves had with Windows Mobile long one of the most important Smartphone systems developed, however, with the launch of the iPhone and the advent of the Androids, the group has lost any previously established advantage. That Microsoft missed the Smartphone Revolution, is credited in the rule, Gates ‘ successor as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. What is easy to forget: Also Gates was heavily involved in: He was at that time still Software-in-chief.

“It is really a Situation in which the winner gets everything,” explained Gates. “If you only have half as many Apps, or even 90 percent – are doomed almost to Failure. There is only space for a operating system in addition to Apple. This room is worth how much? 400 Billion Dollars? This money would have gone from company G (Android developer Google, editor’s note) of company M”, feixt it.

Microsoft had lost the lead in the Smartphone race, because it was later than Apple and later Android – set on Touch as the primary input method. Famous Steve Ballmers is about statement, the iPhone had no Chance, because the keyboard is missing. As you had upgraded Windows Mobile to Touch, it was too late: The App developers were focused on iOS and Android, Windows lost the connection. Meanwhile, Gates is using an Android device.

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He found it surprising that Microsoft was so successful, says Gates. “Despite one of the biggest mistakes of all times, our other products, Windows, Office are still very strong. As a result, we are still one of the leading companies. We would have done it right, we would be the leading company.”

Gates also gave insights on how he would deal currently, he would be a young programmer He would teach computers to read. “We have not always managed to leave a Computer in a non-fiction book to read, and to let him understand that he could pass a Test,” he said. Also biological issues such as disease control in the Poorest, as well as some of the problems of energy generation would be fascinated.


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