hundreds of thousands of people in South America are eagerly awaiting a spectacle in the sky: A total solar Eclipse will be visible on Tuesday in Parts of Chile and Argentina. Here, the moon is between the earth and the sun pushes, and darkened the sun.

the shadow of The moon hits on the afternoon (local time) first of all, close to the city of La Serena on the Chilean Pacific coast, then in a South-easterly direction through the Argentine provinces of San Juan, La Rioja, San Luis, Córdoba and Santa Fe and the capital of Buenos Aires, eventually disappears to the South in the Atlantic.

Along the Route are expected to be several Thousand onlookers. Alone, in the Argentine province of San Juan, the Ministry of tourism is expecting 30,000 visitors, including 9000 tourists. “We have been here two years hotel reservations by Amateur astronomers from the Netherlands, the USA and Japan,” said tourism Minister Roberto Juárez, the newspaper “Clarín”.

many scientists have come to Argentina to watch the Eclipse of the sun. “The most Important thing is the weather. If it is cloudy, we can see nothing, but in San Juan, the sky is almost always clear,” said the South Korean astronomer Su-Chan Bong of the newspaper “Diario de Zonda”.

In the Atacama desert in Chile, the authorities expect 50,000 visitors. “In the Atacama Region of the sky is so clear as only a few Places around the world. The environmental and weather conditions are excellent”, said the local Deputy Sofía Cid of the newspaper “La Tercera”.

A group of scientists want to take any risks and will observe, at the invitation of the National Geographic society, the Eclipse of the sun from the air – from the plane -. “So we are sure that nothing blocks the view and we can see the Eclipse of the sun,” said the Chilean astronomer María Teresa Ruiz. The plane is about to ascend to 11 000 metres, to enable scientists a perfect view of the Sky.

Although the sun is obscured during the Eclipse of the moon, can damage a direct sky view to the eyes. The organization astronomers without borders (AWB) has collected after the last solar Eclipse in 2017 in the United States approximately five million goggles and now wants to distribute a part of it in Chile and Argentina.

Also in the Metropolitan area of Buenos Aires will be able to see in good weather, millions of people the Eclipse of the sun in – but only very briefly. When the moon’s shadow reaches the early evening, the Metropolitan room on the Río de la Plata, will be able to see the Eclipse of the sun only for a brief Minute. Shortly after the sun goes down.



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