Fast processors, chic display and a powerful camera – the customers expect when buying a top smartphone. It is easy to forget that without the right Internet receiving only half as much fun. For the iPhone, Apple wants to take over this area now and buys Intel’s modem division. The billion-Deal could bring the iPhone to the front – but it also carries real risks.


The business, about the beginning of the week, the “Wall Street Journal” first reported yesterday evening of Apple has been officially made, would be a good billion Dollar value, the group announced in a press statement. For 2200 employees at Intel to switch to Apple. Much more important are the 17,000 patents it can bring you.

In them the true potential of the deal is: long before all of Apple’s self-developed processors are considered to be one of the most important factors in the success of the iPhone. Because Apple can tailor the chip perfectly on the own Software, have iPhones compared to the Android competition and the mostly bought-cores usually have a distinct advantage.

Jony Ive, Apple loses the man who designed the iPhone. What does this mean for the group? By Christoph Fröhlich Everything from a Hand

to The Modem, Apple had to rely on external suppliers. Long the modem of the iPhone from Qualcomm, which also supplies most of the competitors were. Because of license disputes between the companies, Apple in 2016, switched to Intel Chips – and then in the spring change back to the Qualcomm announcement. For Intel’s modem business was the end: With the loss of its most important customers, the company announced the withdrawal from the area. According to surprisingly, the Acquisition of the division by Apple came out for the industry.

For the group result, however, of sense. During the cooperation with Intel, Apple had been involved in the development, now has all the control. The great advantage is that The Modem can now be installed directly in the so-called “System-on-a-chip”, in short SOC. Thus, the in Smartphones, the usual combination of processor, video card and memory in a single Chip.

The main advantages of this approach, better Performance and greater energy efficiency. Is now also integrated with the Modem, promises not only better battery life and Performance, but also space saving. In addition to the iPhone, including Apple’s Wearables like the Apple Watch or a for years gemunkelte smart glasses are likely to benefit from it.

Expensive license dispute

One of the main motivations is likely to be the end of the license anger. The conflict with Qualcomm was because Apple felt that the licenses for the use of Qualcomm’s technology as too high. In the spring, the two groups had agreed out of court, Apple has to pay in consequence of an not known sum in the group. Also in the case of a use of Intel’s technology license would be because of the patents costs incurred. With the Acquisition of the patents of these costs factor.

iPhone-rumors start of sales of the new models is apparently – and thus the date of the Keynote? By Malte Mans

get On the Fast will change, but probably nothing. “I don’t see that Apple will demand in the next three to five years, Qualcomm’s out,” said Analyst Patrick Moorhead, compared to “Fast Company”. Samsung and Huawei have each used between eight and ten years to develop their own Modems. And, although Huawei components began as a manufacturer of network. Intel’s technology should allow for its evaluation, according to Apple, faster startup, still a lot of research work is still to come.

is Not without risk for Apple

The switch to Intel Modems had been made prior to the Acquisition for customers in trouble. In Tests, forums, and social media have been accused of the current iPhone models, XR, XS, and XS Max, the Intel-based Modems, often in comparison to the predecessors, the worse the reception. Officially, Apple has promised to investigate the Problem. An official solution, but there were not.

The biggest Unknown in the case of Apple’s Modem development, of all things, the important 5G Standard. Intel was at odds with the development of the technology, the problems are considered to be one of the reasons why the Modem sector fell out of favor. The 2024 expected the first iPhone with support for the new Standards to be set to Qualcomm-Modems.

sources: Apple, the wall street Journal, Fast Company,

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