All the world is driving an SUV – cars, which are especially showy and expensive. Outside they look powerful, inside they are rather small. A reasonable load space, it has only the Greatest of the genre, such as the BMW X5 or VW Touareg.

At prices significantly above € 50,000, this car will help young families. For you, there is a other car class: the so-called high-roof vans. These cars are a maximum of uncool – but a maximum of practical. In Germany, the Caddy from Volkswagen leads the class, which was founded in 1996 by Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Partner. Now, Peugeot is sending a new model into the race: the Rifter. The Rifter is based on the same vehicle as the group sibling, the Opel Combo and Citroen Berlingo.

family car: Peugeot Rifter – the affordable Transport for families Fullscreen

Peugeot Rifter pure tech 110 – 81 kW / 110 HP and 205 Nm

©press-inform – the press office for the First time as a long version

for the First time, the Peugeot with two lengths. 4,40 meters is the normal model length, the Maxi Version has been stretched to 35 inches to 4.75 meters. The long version reaches almost the size of a VW bus and offers itself as a cheap Alternative to a VW Multivan.

A car like the Rifter is not purchased because of extravagant motors. Here there is solid home cooking from the group shelf. The good news is that You can live with the base engine, a 1.2-litre three-cylinder Turbo, and the 110-PS. Who loads the car and is a lot of driving on the motorway is operated with the more powerful Diesel and 130 HP, of course, better.

Citroen Berlingo multispace Price space-saver is really chic press inform

in view of the price advantage they should pull the little diesel but at least in consideration. He comes with the 1.5 tons of the Rifter well. A race car, the car is not. 11.7 seconds it takes to pace 100 the Top is reached, speed is 169 km/h – but more of the Rifter-drivers do not expect you to. The standard consumption is specified with only 5.7 liters of Super per 100 kilometres.

very much the place

In the case of a high-roof station wagon, the variability is interessanbt in the interior. The load volume ranges from lush 571 to gigantic 2693 litres. Very useful in the construction of the building behind the Bank is: With a few flicks of the three seats in the vehicle floor sink. You can sink significantly deeper than it is usual for a passenger Car, and provide more transport space. Magic Flat Peugeot calls the System. To storage compartments it has, as always, in this class no shortage. Items can be used to store not only in the door pockets, but also in compartments in the floor and the roof, while the inmates are allowed to the front to use the large compartments in the Central console or above the head.

Getting used to is the tiny leather-wrapped steering wheel. The chunky Satellitenarm too little time is according to. The cheap class of vehicle is due to that there is no power liftgate or power sliding doors – not even as an Extra or in the top version.

market prices are not list prices

the space is simply lush. The feeling of space is far more generous than in a luxury Car. The 4.40 meters long Version offers more space than five people need.

For 23.990 Euro, there is the equipment variant of the Allure. It offers amenities such as climate control, Windows front and rear, storage pockets and folding tables. This includes dimming mirrors, a Parking aid and a fold-down front passenger seat.

Of the 24,000 euros, you will be able to some save. According to experience, the Peugeot Rifter price as well as the Citroën Berlingo your list of desires will not prevail in the market. The market prices for Day registrations are also expected to lie in the future far below the recommended price. Who can with the solid entry-level petrol engine to life, are likely to get an unrivalled amount of transport space for the money.

Opel Combo Life, moving, kids, or kayaking – the Opel range for the athletes and families

Opel is launching a new family vans on the market. The Combo Life offers infinite volume of transport. His Problem: he’s Actually a little different frisierter Citroën Berlingo.

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