Bin Laden: how the terrorist №1 fought against the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan

Another 09/03/20 politikusБен Laden: how the terrorist №1 fought against the Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan

Western experts believe Osama bin Laden one of the main ideologists of modern international terrorism, a war in Afghanistan became an “elementary school” before the subsequent “University”. Himself bin Laden in conversations with journalists deliberately downplayed its role in the Afghan war, while the numerous sources give information about a very diverse part of the future founder of “al-Qaeda”* in this military conflict.

“Americans, we in no way helped”

In the newspaper “the independent” in early December 1993, an article was published British correspondent “The Independent” in the middle East, Robert Fisk, in which he describes his meeting with Osama bin Laden, engaged in the implementation of large-scale building projects in Sudan. According to Fisk, bin Laden in the conversation tried hard to downplay its significance in the events of the Afghan war 1979 – 1988.

As told in an interview he bin Laden to Afghanistan he arrived almost immediately after entering to the Limited contingent of Soviet troops, being angered by such developments, and fought on the side of the Mujahideen. The terrorist admitted that he recruited and sent to Afghanistan of thousands of volunteers-Arabs from Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Kuwait, Lebanon and other countries. He also organized the supply of the Afghan Mujahideen with weapons and construction equipment, directly oversaw the construction in the mountains warehouses for weapons and ammunition, hospitals, construction of roads, which moved the militants.

According to Osama bin Laden, he was on the verge of death, but to die was not afraid, because a true Muslim only dream about a similar death – it is believed that a believer, thus ended his life immediately goes to heaven.

In conversation with Robert Fiskom bin Laden denied all connection of the Afghan Mujahideen with the American special services, assuring that the Americans spawn them does not help. He left to Sudan from Afghanistan after the withdrawal of troops of the Soviet Army allegedly due to the beginning of the differences that have arisen among the leaders of the rebel movements.

says the dossier the National Security Archive

From the dossier on Osama bin Laden stored in the U.S. national security archive (National Security Archive, Washington), it follows that one of the earlier publicly available documentary mentions of bin Laden, the CIA accounts for 1996. Then Central intelligence Agency of the USA has designated this odious character as an “Islamic extremist financier, joined the Afghan resistance movement in 1979”. In addition, the CIA called bin Laden “one of the most significant financial sponsors of Islamic extremist activities in the world.”

In the personal dossier the National Security Archive also include mention of publications in the “new York times”, which clearly indicated the role of the CIA in the Afghan biography of bin Laden. The publication indicates that “… during Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, the CIA actually helped bin Laden in the supply of construction equipment in Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan for the construction of a complex of Tora Bora as a springboard for a struggle against Soviet power”. According to bin Laden, cited the “new York times”, “…weapons [to the Mujahideen] was supplied by the Americans, the money by the Saudis…”.

Involved in “Jihad” against non-Muslims

a British Pakistani policy analyst, South Asia and the Middle East Dilip Hiro in the January 1999 publication of the American weekly magazine “The Nation” wrote that Osama bin Laden from the very beginning the participation of a Limited contingent of Soviet troops in the war in Afghanistan were detained by Afghan Mujahideen non-Afghan volunteers eager to join the anti-Soviet Jihad. Dannym Hiro, thus the spooks Afghanistan from other countries was “sent” about 30 thousand people and with this addition the number of Arabs and members of other ethnic groups among warring was approximately equal.

bin Laden drew a 4, thousands of volunteers from Saudi Arabia and became the nominal leader of the Afghan Arabs. He builds friendships with the leaders of radical Islamic movements, including Mullah Mohammed Omar, later the Supreme leader of the Taliban(organization banned in Russia). Besides participating in guerrilla actions, bin Laden was building roads in the areas controlled by the Mujahideen, the restoration of the caves as places of storage of weapons and ammunition. Working closely with the CIA, Osama bin Laden also raised funds for the anti-Soviet “Jihad” from the rich Saudis, wrote Dilip Hiro.

*Organization, which is recognized in Russia as a terrorist, its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is prohibited.

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