was discovered shortly before the birth of her son, the then 20-year-old Tyla Livinstone a Tumor in the brain. First, the physician from a benign Tumor. But about a month after the birth of their son Preston turned out, that he should be not only vicious, but also deadly. The Doctors didn’t give the Scot more than five years. Her son is now two years old.

Several studies cemented the horrible suspicion: Livinstone was suffering from one of the worst forms of Gehirntumorr. It is the glioblastoma, a malignant brain tumor that developed within a short period of time in humans. The world health organization (WHO) classifies the glioblastoma grade 4 brain tumors, the highest severity, may reach a brain tumor.

you want your son reminds you

chemo-therapies, surgeries on the open brain, and radiation are some of the cancer may have destroyed cells, but not all. And the Tumor grows inexorably more, as reported by the “Sun”. It has been 14 months since the devastating diagnosis. So she devotes the rest of the time that remains to her, a Person: Preston. It is your son birthday cards write, he can’t open it, if she lives. Still, he understands that his mother is sick.

she has already been collecting the stuff for him, like a strand of hair or irradiation mask. You want your son to know that she has desperately fought to stay alive, that she loved him very much and it is not their decision was to leave him.

Earlier in the school, she pitied the children who have lost their parents. Now you will be left with a child. The only solace that remains to her: If she must die soon, your son is too young to understand what is actually happening.

sources: “The Sun”, “The Daily Mail”



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