Without a SUV in the range, nothing more. So, also, Alfa Romeo brought the Stelvio on the market. And it happened to him, how many models of Alfa: The sporty Cross-over, the heart to fly, but to buy it is not enough in the North.

time for a Revision: beauty, the Latin Lover, in doubt, in front of the function outside it flashes. The “Bella Maccina” attracts with the famous Alfa triangular “Scudetto” in the Grill – surrounded by the narrow headlights and large air openings. But on the Inside, you have to fight, especially with the small hatch to the rear, which also provides the rear-seat head restraints. Without the Parking sensors and rearview camera. The space of the back row is passable, for tall passengers but not the first choice. When Loading the disadvantage of a tapered tail, this can be the boot capacity of 525 to 1,600 litres see.

SUV: Alfa Romeo Stelvio – Sport-SUV with little mistakes Fullscreen

The two-litre engine is a bit of a time with the start

In the package Park sensors cost front, rear-view camera and high beam assistant, at least 800 Euro. Full-LED headlights are still on offer. In the North, the winter package is 650 Euro then there is a steering wheel heater, heated front seats and heated windshield washer nozzles.


The all-wheel drive moves the Stelvio quickly and confidently – if he reaches quite the level of a Porsche Macan. The steering is – as Alfa used – sporty directly. It is not a coincidence, the Stelvio is named after the Alpine pass of the Stelvio. Also, the SUV solves the Alfa-Motto of intoxicating Exterior and excellent driving dynamics. With the top engine of the Alfa is considered to be the fastest SUV on the nürburgring Nordschleife, but with “only” 280 HP can complain to no one about the lack of power. With the top speed of 230 km/h and a sprint time of 5.7 seconds do not need to hide the Q4 2.0 Turbo. Unfortunately, the sound of the supercharged four-cylinder petrol engine is quite lousy. The eight-speed automatic makes that Possible, but the turbo lag remains noticeable.


The standard fuel consumption of Alfa Romeo Stelvio is eight liters per 100 kilometers. This is not a saving miracle, but to be expected for a 1735-kilogram SUV. In practice, the on-Board computer showed 11.9 liters on hundred kilometers. This is clearly too much.

The price of a minimum of 51.500 Euro is below the level of the Audi Q5 and Porsche Macan. However, a bargain of the Stelvio is not so long – against the native place of the deer to arrive, not enough for the wonderful appearance alone. The performance variant of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio is a thoroughbred sports car in SUV guise – you do, it costs 90,000 euros.



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