Black lists of passengers of trains may appear in Russia

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

In the state Duma has allowed for the development and adoption of the draft law on creating a so-called black list of passengers as it did in respect of aviakerosene. About it reports Agency “Moscow”.

“There is a proposal to make, by analogy with aviakerosene, something like that. But this solution requires very careful deliberation, taking into account all points of view,” said a member of the Committee on security and combating corruption Anatoly Elected.

He noted that rail transport can also be called a source of danger. In addition, it falls under the description of places of a mass congestion of people.

the Initiative to introduce a list of potentially hazardous and difficult passengers also published on the website of the Russian public initiative. There started voting, the results of which will address the issue of considering the idea in the Federal government.

Previously, for the introduction of black lists were made by the head of the Federal project “Sober Russia” Sultan Hamzaev. A public figure has proposed to prohibit the listed entities during the year to use W/d transport.

the Russian airline received the ability to create black lists of aviakerosene. In the state Duma plan to consider the amendment, according to which the action lists will be cross-cutting – that is, the violation of the flights of one airline will automatically close the passenger access to others.

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