Heavy crosses, piksende cacti and barbed wire on bare skin. Dressed in purple robes with long, lace is a celebration of hooded Easter in Ecuador in a special way. Because the city of Quito is shown in the Easter week, semana santa, from your spiritual side.

A March, to do penance

A week-long religious celebration follows the rule of law the next. The climax of the spectacle, the good Friday procession is then formed through the city. Countless Ecuadorians take part in the March, to do penance. They are punishing themselves, beating themselves with whips on the back, carry heavy wooden crosses.

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The Tradition of such a procession in Quito, already since the 16th century. Century. The remembrance of the Suffering of Jesus on his way of the cross. Thousands of people, Locals as well as tourists line the streets of the old town, this week, nobody wants to miss the procession. So, the photographer travelled inside Jeanette Dobrindt and Ulrike Herrmann last year, after Quito and documented the procesión de Jesús del Gran Poder with pictures. Because the favorite motifs of the two have always been people around the world. So it is not a catch here, too, in Quito, in the middle of the fray with your photos, the moments, the words could describe.

crosses on the back, the iron chains on the feet

As the Ecuadorian national anthem is played, sing with the visitors full of fervor. Some are so taken, that they begin to cry. This emotionality is also clearly visible in the photos. Most of the pictures show participants with pain-filled faces. Some carry heavy crosses on their backs, others have thick iron chains around the ankles. In their faces, the photographer can see how the body suffers while the soul is freed.

The completion of the veneration of Mary. Many pray, some cry, women throw rose petals. In this Moment the photographer get the inside will inevitably get goose bumps and feel the awe of the Locals. As the last Statue of Jesus is led through the streets. Everyone wants to be near him, no one gives way to him from the side – it is almost a mass panic. There is a mood of have experienced, like never before. A devotion that you hold with your images. Here you can see a selection of the best shots.



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