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you Know that? Somehow, the American colleagues appear to them to be always a bit exuberant. What is the reason? Americans like to use, and many adjectives. This leads all too often we take that as “exaggerated”. Here to bring some light into the darkness I have written are, in my opinion, most of the time.

That you do not need to say “How are you“ really like it, but a reflex, “Good, and you?” should answer, is for many already a Reflex. Who says his colleagues have always been, how is he really? And on the occasion of the day of the English language, a tip: “Why don’t you come over to my house sometime?” is not a fixed dinner invitation!

an American exclaims But now to the adjectives and what they really mean:

If so, excited: “Awesome! Amazing!” he says basically just “Good”.”The best thing ever!” (That was the Best ever!) can mean anything from “it was really good” to “it was OK”. Because the public no one is being criticized so directly, whether at an event or other opportunity.If he did something “for sure” (quite sure) will happen to a assures that or take place, you should not give too much on it, because it means more “probably”.In the case of the Americans, everything is “great” (great). This is a popular answer to the question: “How are you?” (How are you?), but basically just a polite formality. In your everyday working life it is often said quickly, and means in the worst case, just: “so”. Noisy it should be, if you don’t get to hear a “not so bad” (so bad). In most cases, this means packaged criticism, so “bad”.”No problem!” Means, unfortunately, is often that there is a Problem that will be dubbed, because it is assumed that you will handle it.”I need to check this with X” (I must discuss this first with X) – if this rate falls, it is not necessarily about asking permission, but you want to discuss this again internally.

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