Bloomberg (USA): against the spread of coronavirus McDonald s was in the list of

In the list of strategic companies of Russia also hit Ikea and Ashan.The backbone of the company can expect to receive assistance from the state.

according to the Russian newspaper “Vedomosti”, McDonald’s was in the number of strategic companies of Russia now that the Russian government decided three times to extend the list of such companies to help them cope with the consequences of a possible recession.

Ikea and Ashan also was list of companies that the Russian government considers vital for the country’s economy. As reported by the newspaper “Vedomosti” on Monday, March 23, the government Commission on economic policy expanded the list of such companies with 200 to 600.

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Russia is taking measures in order to strengthen the position of a number of the largest employers and companies that provide essential services, now, when the economy experienced a double blow in the epidemic coronavirus infection and the fall in world oil prices. Oil prices fell due to lower world demand and a price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia. With the beginning of the year the Russian currency has lost 23% of its value.

McDonald’s, which opened its first restaurant in Moscow in 1990, is a frequent object of criticism from the storones Russian politicians-populists. However, McDonald’s is one of the leading operators of fast food restaurants in Russia — now in the country has more than 800 restaurants of the network.

Stress tests of the strategic enterprises will begin next week, and some of them will be able to count on additional aid from the state. As reported by “Vedomosti”, in the list of strategic companies also fell, some airlines and grocery chains.

the Government has allocated 300 billion rubles ($3.7 billion) to partially offset the impact of the epidemic coronavirus infection. The Russian authorities, who have suspended air travel and closed on quarantine all schools starting this week, consider the possibility of adopting more stringent measures to combat the spread of the disease.

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