BMW is today presenting its half – year balance sheet and for Harald Krüger this is his last public appearance as Chairman of the Board.

The 53-Year-old stops in the middle of August after four years at the helm of the Munich-based car manufacturer. Then, the previous Board member for Production, Oliver Zipse takes the lead in BMW.

Like all car manufacturers BMW of multiple pages at the same time is under pressure Because of the political requirements in Europe and China, you have to sell rapidly in more electric cars. Investments in electro-mobility, Autonomous Driving and mobility services, cost billions of euros, elsewhere needs to be saved and at the same time slacken off the economy.

For BMW’s is in October expected Brexit is also a special challenge, because the group builds the Mini and the Rolls-Royce in the UK.

In the first quarter, BMW had posted because of a looming EU antitrust fine in the core business in the red. In the second quarter, the Munich have sold in total, and also with the master brand BMW in the world more cars than in the previous year, in China it’s going well.

From the news Agency Bloomberg surveyed analysts expect the group’s sales increased in the second quarter by 1.5 percent to 25.4 billion euros. The earnings before interest and taxes should, however, be a fifth to 2.16 billion euros favor.

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