The package delivery company DHL has set itself with a Marketing campaign in the nettles. Actually, if you wanted to with the competition “photo of the year” only a few advertising collect suitable snapshots of the customer and in turn, a camera and a couple of towels to extol. Stupid for DHL only, and that the Twitter users in the photos, the invitation for sending in a slightly different ownership. So the company issued the Hashtag to find many advertising disabled images: post cars, the bike paths, and crosswalk blocking, for example. Or very long queues in front of the parcel shops as well as completely destroyed-delivered deliveries.

DHL-action backfires

The Social-Media Department of the Deutsche Post seeks in part to the user’s needs. Of course the driver of the DHL must respect the highway code, it says there, for example. And that you are sorry that this was not the case here. In fact, listed in Paragraph 35 of the road Traffic exemptions for vehicles postal mail carriers. These are allowed to drive in pedestrian zones and short in the second row Parking, to mailboxes, to evacuate. To Parking the right on bike paths, or crosswalks, not you.

Below is a small selection of the pictures sent in:

On the note from the Social Media Department, DHL, your drivers always to keep to the highway code, commented a user: “The opposite is the case. Back cover from the very top.” To this end, he shares an excerpt from an Interview with the Post chief, defends on bike paths Park employees. This would try “to meet our service promise”.

The photo contest is by the way up to 25. August. According to DHL, a Jury will select the #DHLFanfoto 2019. Then it should be for Twitter and Facebook published. Among all submissions will then be a instant camera and three of the DHL beach towels to be raffled. Only remains to be seen whether DHL will, perhaps, choose even one of the many critical photos to the winner.

sources: DHL / Twitter / laws in the network

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