It happened in the country the flight to the Chicago O’hare airport: At 16. August 1965 disappeared on a three-month-old Boeing 727 from United Airlines at a height of 2000 meters from the radar screens. 30 miles before the target flight UA389 fell into Lake Michigan. All 30 people aboard died. The cause of the accident remained unclear.

Not two months later, a four-month-old Boeing 727 of American Airlines flew into a steep descent to the airport of Cincinnati, and crashed three kilometers before the start of the runway to the terrain. Of the 62 persons on Board, only three passengers and a flight attendant survived.

Three days later, a Boeing 727 United Airlines in landing crashed again on the Airport Salt Lake City International. The nine-month-old Jet hit 100 meters in front of the runway, caught fire. 43 of the 91 inmates were killed.

more victims were 4. To complain February 1966. All 133 people on Board died when less than a one year old Boeing 727 of All Nippon Airways twelve kilometers from the airport of Tokyo-Haneda fell into the water.

The tragic balance sheet in a period of only four months: Four total losses and 264 Deaths.

the false start of the Boeing 727

The list goes on 1966 and in the following months. A post flight of PanAm with a 727 crashed in the same year, on the approach to Berlin-Tegel in the Döberitzer Heide in the GDR. In the Newspapers of Boeing’s new Short – and medium-haul aircraft only “deadly 727”, so the lethal 727, called.

In Public, the call for a start was to ban according to. The travel agents were rebooking faced: The traveler did not want to fly with a Boeing 727.


One of many misfortunes: the remains of a Boeing 727 of Ariana airlines, which crashed in the fog just before landing at London-Gatwick in January 1969 to crash


Faster than the preliminary reports of aircraft accident investigators, templates, and machines. It was striking that there was almost always a wayward country approaches – in the technical language of “controlled flight into terrain”. The Problem is that pilots underestimate in comparison to the previous models, the rate of descent of the three-engined Jets, and started the machine just before landing, not in a timely manner.

For pilots unaccustomed to the high sink rate of the 727

In the case of the Boeing 727 was the first civilian Jet, for the three engines in the rear were cloned, as is the case of the Boeing 707 with four jet engines under the wings. Already in the 50s, developed Long haul aircraft, the Boeing engineers had taken over the hull width and front fascia.

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Also, you had missed the machine, arrow-shaped wings and a T-tail, the 727 could land on small airports with shorter runways, where only propeller aircraft were able to operate. However, were affected by these aerodynamic Changes to the flight characteristics tremendously.

After the third crash in the USA, the authority found that “the cause of the accident was most likely the fact that the captain had not taken timely measures to prevent an excessive rate of descent during an approach to land,” said an investigator after the accident in Salt Lake City.

conclusion: it is Not the Boeing 727 was an unsafe plane, but the pilots were not adequately trained on the new aircraft type. Therefore, it came to the Flight accidents.


boarding through the rear stairs: At Lufthansa, the Boeing 727 was called the “Europajet”. The machines were in the flight line from 1964 to 1992.

©Lufthansa Picture-Alliance

the consequences of The first disaster with the Boeing 727, which resulted in a more intensive Training for the pilots. The reasons for subsequent crash in the ‘ 70s, of a different nature.

From the airplane to the best-selling

In the case of the current crisis, with the Boeing 737 MAX, the pilots who have switched from older 737-variations on the MAX-variant, have been trained, minimal. “The course was not conducted by a flight instructor, but consisted of a self-managed learning program,” says recently Mike Trevino, a spokesman for the pilots ‘ Union of Southwest Airlines. The duration of the retraining was: “Between 56 minutes and three hours.” The controversial new trim system, MCAS, which is designed to prevent a stall by pushing the nose of the aircraft down, has not been mentioned once.

After the crash of the Boeing 737 MAX: pilots are already testing a Software Update By Till Bartels

Is now an imminent Update of the MCAS Software, the confidence in Boeing recover? This will show whether a re-authorisation procedure will be necessary. The investigations by the US Department of transportation against Boeing and the aviation authority FAA, supported by the Ministry of justice and the FBI.

more than 50 years Ago, the tempers calmed quickly. Because the Boeing 727 was classified as an unsafe aircraft, was to overcome her initially negative Image with passengers and Airlines quickly.

The Boeing 727 was even a best seller. With more than 1800 built copies of the Jet was up to the cessation of production in 1984 of the then best-selling Jet of Boeing – only surpassed by all series of the later in Boeing 737.

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In the hourly report airlines, whose fleet is the new Boeing 737 Max 8 that you have your Jets on the ground – a proper “precautionary measure”. It is not the first Time that Boeing has problems with a new model.

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