The passengers of the British Airways flight BA3271 initially believed to be a bad joke. “Welcome to Edinburgh,” said a member of the cabin crew shortly after the Touchdown, on a Monday morning. But a quick glance out the window was enough to determine that the machine of type BAE 146-200 not as planned in Düsseldorf, but in the Scottish capital were landed. Was launched the plane in the Morning to 7:45 PM at London City Airport in the Docklands. Was carried out by the German Charter airline WDL Aviation, with – and this is no joke – is based in Cologne.

Pilot is feeding the Computer with false data.

Initial investigations indicate that the Pilot of the machine had received prior to the Start of the wrong flight information and according to the wrong coordinates entered. How could it come to this error, could not British Airways. “The safety of passengers was never in danger at any time,” it said.

On the short-messaging service Twitter were during the involuntary stops in Edinburgh for more Details. As passengers reported that the toilets were clogged and blocked. Two and a half hours they had to endure in the machine. Until 10:50 a.m. flight BA3271 took off from Edinburgh Airport – this Time with the correct flight destination.

Safe landing – four hours of excused late

In an official statement, British Airways for its customers and promised to work with all the other passengers. The reached their original destination Düsseldorf, finally, at 13 o’clock – with a delay of about four hours.

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land, Only certain aircraft with specially trained pilots are allowed to London city airport. Because it’s not just the roads in the City are short, but also the Piste. Also unique is the night ban, and the Tower – he is 110 miles away.

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