Come to me, screw that I say anyway. Even more strongly than otherwise, but I say that in the Winter, as the heated cinnamon – the season of spice against the wet cooling effect of the inaugural, especially tasty in the Form of cinnamon rolls. In the Dutch province of Zeeland around the Scheldt estuary – was I in the autumn, a to me previously unknown subspecies of the cinnamon snail: a Bolus with the name and the population adored him, worshipped. Almost every bakery/pastry shop offers, The Dames en you eat More in large quantities Kopjes Koffie, whereby they murmur something like: tu bolus sanctus, tu bolus altissimus.

I researched on the Internet, but to me there was not able to find working recipes for the development of a Bolus-cult in Germany, I contacted the cookbook author Barbara Burkhardt. She comes from Stuttgart, lives in Zeeland and helped me to bake the juicy and sugar-butter sticky yeast part. At my request she went to each of the second bakery of your environment, a questioning look on the cookie. Here are the co-arising and from home successfully tested result:

How to use the Bolus bakes

For about ten of the hand-sized snails in a first step, 50 g Butter, 500 g flour, 250 ml of water or milk 15 g of white sugar, 1/2 Egg (or 1 small), 10 g of salt and 50 g of fresh yeast. For the completion of a further 50 ml of milk are necessary then, 250 g of brown cane sugar and 4 TABLESPOONS of cinnamon powder.

The Butter in time from the cooling and room temperature allow to take.

flour, water or milk, sugar, Egg, salt and yeast and mix for a good 5 minutes with the Hand or in the machine kneading. In the last Minute, the room is warm add Butter and work in well. The dough must tend to be rather schlabberig as a fixed him about 20 minutes to let it rest.

preheat The oven to 250 degrees preheat. Meanwhile, the work surface floured and shape the dough first, of a rectangular plate, about 2-3 cm thick. Then from the dough sheet single strip of approximately 20 cm length cut.

The cane sugar with the cinnamon on a baking sheet – the sheet with an under-lying cloth and stabilize. Now the Dough is pulling, rolling to a length of 35-40 cm, and rotate it a little to themselves, similar to a cord, brush with milk, and at the end in the mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar roll. It should really adhere to much of the mixture – the brown sugar sweetens just, he is also a kind of release agent. If the Contact and Rolling, completely brown hands, it is good.

The loose strands of Dough (!) Worm to rotate, the outer dough at the end, it may not later protrude uneven. The screw must not be tightened, because the dough goes on, and in the case of lack of space in the oven heat tends to be in the middle, tapered, aufzupilzen (what wants to be remembered in the result visually to a dog turd and avoided).

The Bolusse on a release paper lined baking sheet, and a further 5 minutes and a maximum of 7 minutes in a very well preheated oven to bake.

The finished cake to turn, and the top-turned bottom with a cool, but spreadable Butter. The Zeeländer drink tea or coffee. I recommend sweet wine.

Swedish cinnamon buns

The classic cinnamon snail is from Scandinavia, and I baked them again for a recipe that has researched the Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson.

For the sweet basic dough, I’ll take 300 ml milk, 150 g Butter, 1 tablespoon cardamom (ground), 1 Pk. fresh yeast, 1 Egg (L), 125 g sugar, 1 TSP salt and 750 g flour, Type 550.

For the filling cinnamon 200 g very soft Butter, 2 TBSP: (ground) and 100 g of sugar. Also Sprinkle 2 TABLESPOONS of whole cane sugar (Muscovado).

milk, Butter and cardamom together, heat until the Butter is liquid. The liquid to body temperature allow to cool and dissolve the yeast in it. Be careful: it Is too hot, dying the yeast.

sugar, salt and flour in with a dough hook kitchen machine and the Egg, and the yeast, add milk. The ingredients 10 minutes of kneading, which has a smooth, elastic and shiny dough that covered now, with a clean cloth to the heater for 30-40 minutes in his volume on the Double is allowed to rise.

the dough on the floured work surface and knead (and him, as a result, the volume of re-take), and roll a slab from 40-60 cm.

The dough cross. The very soft Butter with the palette knife (an angled spatula, very handy!) on the whole dough to pass – just at the top of a 3-5 cm wide strip of ungebuttert.

cinnamon and sugar mix evenly over the Butter sprinkle. The dough upwards roll so that the roll with the ungebutterten dough is flush and glued. The roll on the seam and put about 20 slices from this cut. Four of the discs in aluminium or paper shapes the size of a small plate (my cover on the ground, 13 cm, and 18 cm wide), with the cloth, and a last half-hour.

preheat The oven to 200 degrees to preheat. The snails with the Muscovado sugar and sprinkle. bake for 20 minutes. Garprobe with the wooden sticks.

The cardamom as additional seasoning, the auger can be exotic scents; cinnamon, sugar and Butter make you irresistible. Rapidly food, to sweet wine.


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