Dieter Bohlen is for almost a year on Instagram, and has already 878.000 Followers who view his daily Updates: #Dieter daily show, the American idol judge posts namely regularly funny Videos from his private life. Always with you: girlfriend Carina Walz.

Hot holiday greetings Dieter Bohlen posts revealing holiday photo – and all of them have only moved the eyes for girlfriend Carina

Since he was in front of the Smartphone camera, in order to think of the followers, it is an integral part of the Accounts. “Dieter Bohlen Carina” has been in the Account description. The Fans Dieters far more restrained better half really well, like you over and over again in the comments. And not only because of their sympathetic nature, but also because of their attractive body.

In the latest Clip to see Carina, although not to – but she steals Dieter nevertheless, the Show. The scenario: Dieter Bohlen and Carina playing on the beach beach ball. While Dieter keeps his Followers with funny sayings and the Play from his private life tells, keeps Carina the cell phone to the movies and plays properly.

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Hello #Dieter days look ! #partner workout with Carina… #beach time? #beachball #stayfitdontquit #display

A post shared by Dieter Bohlen Carina (@Dieter Bohlen) on Jan 6, 2019 at 7:34pm PST

Carina managed Dieter Bohlen Instagram Account pop legend answered a Fan question a Bikini-photo of Carina: The thinking Dieter Bohlen sons about her attractive stepmother

The Followers of the super find: “So, Carina is better, even besides the movies, sorry Dieter”, “compliment to Carina! Movies and games is also not without” or “So I think Yes, Carina is a eating better than you are at the beach. She is filming and there is still so accurate, that the lands with you, and yet you filming?”, write the User below the short Video. But Dieter is praised by the Fans.

Anyway, it reads on the Account of Dieter Bohlen very rarely negative comments – not, of course, for the public Account of celebrities. But the two do something about it: So Carina responds, for example, diligently on the questions of the User. As the name Carina Walz, Dieter Bohlen on, appropriately, the following: “Meganer the friendliest Community in the world.” “Meganer” you call yourself and your Community, because Dieter is due to the frequent use of the word “mega” or “mega” is known.

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