The book tree borer has caused for hobby gardeners this year for fierce despair: The caterpillars eat through beech trees until the damage is so great that the plants are beyond saving. Often nothing else remains than to accept defeat.

The Problem with this, however, is that experts assume that the beech-tree borer is to eradicate in Germany. Therefore, the same Problem will occur again next year. How can you combat the recalcitrant tree borer in an environmentally friendly way, so that the beech trees are able to survive in the home garden yet?

– tree borer: a man has a effective Trick against the caterpillars of Europe

experts at the technology centre augustenberg to biological pesticides and an early cut of the beech trees and the Collecting of the larvae in the spring. However, it is also possible that the caterpillars to survive. Hobby gardeners are therefore already in the process of their own ideas to the test: So how Hans-Jürgen Spanuth from the lake of Constance. He reported to the garden magazine My Beautiful garden, the method for controlling of the beech-tree he borer has considered – and this seems to be pretty effective.

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you need a dark garbage bag, and summer temperatures. The light-impermeable bag, pull on a hot day in the morning about the book. Under the cover of high temperatures, which kill the caterpillars emerge during the day. Sometimes the midday heat, enough of that. The book itself is heat resistant enough to withstand a day out under the garbage bag.

Nevertheless, it is not enough probably to cover up the paper one day with a dark garbage bag. The eggs of the beech-tree borer are, in fact, protected in their cocoons well enough to withstand the heat. Therefore, you should repeat this process approximately every two weeks on hot days.

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