Our food can be roughly divided into four main components splitting: fats, carbohydrates, proteins (proteins), and dietary fiber. A healthy diet provides all four components: carbohydrates provide quick energy, fat, saturate long fiber to stimulate bowel activity and proteins support the body in muscle building. Particular sports learning, it is therefore important that a sufficient amount of proteins. Only: How to get the best?

to Need a Good knowledge of endurance athletes actually proteins?

Fixed: athletes who eat only of bloody Steaks, are on the wrong track. A recent research shows that too much sausage and meat can make you sick in the long run. On the other, there are foods that can transform our body much more efficient in muscle mass. A crucial factor is the biological value of the Protein.

Biological value of proteins – what does that actually mean?

The biological value is, in simplified terms, a measure of the quality of dietary proteins. The higher the value, the better the body can convert the Protein to the body’s own muscle cells.

The body is proteins by animal as well as vegetable food. However, these proteins differ in the composition of their amino acids and thus in the bioavailability. Vegetable proteins generally have a lower value than animal proteins. This means that the body can convert something inferior in the body’s own muscle mass.

The egg is the reference value for the biological value of Protein. It comes down to the value 100. Beef and fish make it at least to values of about 90. Milk contains the value 88, cheese to the value of 85. The protein from the soy bean has a value of 84. Rice, potatoes and bread come to a value of 70.

Egg and potatoes – an unbeatable combination

The good news for vegetarian athletes: It must not always be meat. Animal and vegetable protein are combined sources sent to each other, increases the biological value. The combination of egg and potatoes is unbeatable – you can make it to 136. Suitable combinations are:

• bread with cheese or quark with Herbs,
• cereal with milk and/or yogurt
• potatoes with Egg or curd and
• lentils and spaetzle with sausage



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