The cleanliness, the friendliness, and the German food remained movie star Keira Knightley from their student exchange in Konstanz 20 years ago in memory.

“I was surprised at how nice the people were, and the German schools were great,” said the actress of the “Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper”. Compared with her school in London it was in Konstanz very clean. And all the Bicycle to be driven. “Consistency is beautiful,” said the 34-Year-old in retrospect. And “a really nice Schnitzel” was “a wonderful invention”. You’ve always “ate great” in Germany.

Pale is your memory of German boys: “The boys have impressed me back then,” said Knightley (“Actually … love”, “pirates of the Caribbean”) in the newspaper about the one-week student exchange.

the German language is her “wiped out”. You remember from the teaching of German only a few phrases, and “in a sentence: “This is number five of our hit parade.” That was the answer to a question in a class work I had, the Only right,” said Knightley. “It is not a very useful sentence, because I could make him faithful once again in a conversation one to work without going nuts.”



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