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His father Stanley, his sister Rachel, his brother Jo may be in disagreement with him on the Brexit, they were in the first rank to attend the consecration of Boris Johnson. An image of the national reconciliation required. After years of lusting for power, Johnson finally meeting his destiny. The 160 000 members of the conservative Party have chosen to 66% as their new leader. It will be Wednesday inducted the first minister by queen Elizabeth, at a time of deep political crisis.

Resignations of ministers

In a short speech in front of militants tory meeting in London, it has ironisé that some would question the wisdom of their decision and regret may already be”. He paid tribute to his “formidable” opponent Jeremy Hunt intends to “probe all the good ideas”. And, after having spent three years at bombard Theresa May of his critics and ultimately lead to his downfall, said the “privilege” that he had to be part of his government, and praised his “extraordinary dedication to our party and our country”. It has féicité in return and assured him of his “total support” from the benches of the House of commons.

The future prime minister also said committed to “reconcile” the conservatives. “We will implement the Brexit, unite the country and beat Jeremy Corbyn, he promised. We will revitalize the country, to carry out the Brexit 31 October, take advantage of all the opportunities that this will bring in a new positive attitude. And once again we will believe in ourselves and what we can achieve.” Of the commitments that he had already endlessly repeated in sixteen meetings of the campaign with the conservatives. It is no doubt about the wider intent of the nation on his arrival at Downing Street.

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The new prime minister arrives in a very sensitive position. Several members of the outgoing government of Theresa May had already announced their resignation and their refusal to work with him. One of them has attempted and failed to seek a vote of confidence in Parliament to ensure its capacity to govern. The conservatives have a majority technique of two voices with the support of their allies in northern ireland the Democratic Unionist Party. Boris Johnson does not inherit a situation that is more easy than the one with which Theresa May has had to deal. He will need a lot of optimism that it is hard to stave off this complexity and be able to remain in power.

According to the head of the labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, “Boris Johnson has received the support of less than 100 000 members of the conservative Party is not representative. He has not won the support of the country. The british people must decide who becomes prime minister in a general election.”

On the Brexit, the one who had taken the head of the campaign to leave the EU in a referendum in 2016 wants to take back the language quickly with the european leaders to re-open negotiations, they have refused so far to do so. He hopes to change that, to modify the terms of the controversial agreement with Theresa May over the border in ireland. Otherwise, he promises to leave “come what may” the 31st of October, even at the price of an expensive “no deal”.

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Emmanuel Macron has “warmly” congratulated the future british leader and said he is “very keen to work on faster” with him. The european negotiator Michel Barnier said he is “looking forward to working in a constructive spirit with the prime minister, Boris Johnson when it enters into function” and “reach” Brexit “ordered”. The american president Donald Trump congratulated his friend on Twitter: “It will be great!”


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