It is advisable not to rely on the displays: the retrospective of Ernest Pignon-Ernest, in the great chapel of the Palace of the popes, in Avignon, is much more exciting than this typesetting disappointing. Because there there are met with nearly 400 drawings, sketches, and photographs, the whole life of an artist at hand. And from the start defended the title that they are given too easily for a long time, that of “the father of street art”. “This is a definition reductive, I never thought that I would lay out in the street, I don’t feel a lot of things in common with these people.”

It began as early as 1966 in invest street. And, more precisely, the heights of the plateau d’albion in the Vaucluse, where, freshly installed for painting, and dreaming in Picasso, he discovers that nearby is a military base where the force of nuclear deterrence in france. This is the revelation: it is impossible to paint with “the dead in lavender” and match Guernica . It cuts then a stencil of the shadow of …

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