The saying, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, is already outdated. New studies have proven that regular fasting, in the technical language of interval fasting, or intermittent, called the end of fasting, can have a positive influence on our body. As the Name suggests, the interval fasting days-long Starve, but food waiver for a couple of hours. For example, it can be a meal – Breakfast, lunch or dinner, and comes on a fast of 16 to 18, or six to eight hours.

he Who eats but in the morning, for the special rules that apply. Because, of course, Breakfast is an important meal, but it’s also about what you eat. Sugary foods, for example, could spoil the complete day. Who constantly falls in a lunch deep, not even after the third coffee awake or already at 11 in the morning to be hungry again, you should follow these ten rules and food for Breakfast better to avoid:

diet Is Breakfast the new Smoking? Researcher warns that in the morning to eat

A biochemist is Convinced that Breakfast is a dangerous meal. With his approach he is hoping for a Revolution.

By Denise Snieguole Wachter Finger away from muesli or Cornflakes, which contain little to no fiber and too much sugar.Reduced-fat yogurts sound good, but instead of fat this with Sweet – and additives Packed. Therefore: do Not eat!Smoothies from the supermarket are convenient to buy, but taste good, especially because of the high sugar content.Bagels for Breakfast are not a good idea. They correspond to the amount of carbohydrates – four slices of white bread.Pancakes with maple syrup? No!Many think that granola bars are healthy. But they are not, because their sugar content is very high.Breakfast juice: sounds good, tastes good, but contains just as much sugar as Cola or lemonade.Of Granola should be just as the fingers of cereals. Also here is the culprit: sugar!Not a good idea is to get a Breakfast Sandwich from a fast food chain: It is a industrially processed food with additives, and hardly any dietary fiber. After a short time, and you’re hungry again.Franz rolls, Croissants and other Danish pastries sound for Breakfast more than seductive. But the fact is that they contain too much sugar and after a short time hungry again.

should avoid What foods, you better, you will see summarized in the following images.


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