Ketchup consists mainly of tomato paste and sugar. The sugar content in the Ketchup bottles is different, however, is immense: The classic Ketchup contains 14 grams of sugar per 100 millilitres in the case of Born to 27 grams of sugar in Heinz. Some providers also have significantly less sugar, some sweeteners, which are suspected to stimulate the appetite. Some of the products have no added sugar. But you have to note that tomatoes have a high fruit sugar content.

Stiftung Warentest has examined 19 tomato ketchup in more detail. Their conclusion: 14 out of 19 products, five are satisfactory. Especially the Ketchup from Alnatura stands out among the testers positive. He is sensory good and smells and tastes significantly after tomato. With 36 cents per 100 milliliters, he is a real bargain. On the second of eight products: The cheap from Lidl and Rewe (16 cents per 100 milliliters), the three organic ketchup organic Central (60 cents), Denn’s Biomarkt (54 cents), Rapunzel (62 cents), and three ketchup from Werder Feinkost.

The sugar content you have to the ratio

What Foundation were not evaluated test, is the actual sugar content. This has a logical reason. You have to put Ketchup into the relationship. Because no one eats meat or sausages, a whole bottle, but only a small DAB. Who drinks a half a Liter of Apple juice, take about 30 grams of sugar. Who eats two tablespoons of Ketchup to the sausage, to the Heinz Ketchup approximately eight grams of sugar. At the end of the following applies: The mass.

What Stiftung Warentest advises against the purchase of children’s ketchup. The is usually overpriced and übersüßt. On average, for the Tester, the ketchup Heinz, taste a lot of vinegar sour. The ketchup from Aldi the North and the South belong to the test lose. The products are advertised with a high Tomato stake, in truth, however, is below average.

For all those who want to try a homemade Ketchup. Click here for the recipe.

The whole Test, you can refer for a fee for .


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