out of the last summit, the Europeans have adopted a strategy : to exert maximum pressure on the government of Theresa May. Thus, they have made no new agreement proposal and have decided to cancel the extraordinary summit, which was to conclude the Brexit in mid-November. But, most importantly, they decided that only Michel Barnier, the european negotiator, would decide the time to go back to the european Council. In sum, Michel Barnier is alone in facing the British with a clear mandate : do not give in on anything essential, namely respect for the integrity of the european single market and the absence of a physical border between the two Ireland.

What is the purpose ? Wait for the british front collapses. The tensions within the tories have not stopped since. The hope secret of the Europeans is to see the political class british carry out its revolution, so that Theresa May splits from Boris Johnson and his friends and seeks to make us approve the withdrawal agreement with the support of the labour party the more moderate. This is not in effect on this condition that the irish problem could find a happy outcome. The labour party are in favour of maintaining the United Kingdom in the customs union, which would solve the problem.

For the time being, in any case, Theresa May can’t do any step in this direction as long as it did not approve its budget for 2019. At the end of October, this step will be taken. This will open a period in which, according to the Europeans, Theresa May will have margins of manoeuvre…

exchanges of venomous

But this beautiful theory collides with any of the same to the fundamentals of british politics. The exchanges between labour and the tories continue to be extremely acrimonious. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have broken spears, Monday, in the House of commons. The leader of the labour party has dealt with the First minister” incompetent “. He stressed the ” failure “, “the illusion” and “the mess” of its strategy, pointing out the divisions in his camp, and the accumulated delays. He mocked the conservatives, who, through the Brexit, think “regain control” of the country, while everything shows that it is a ” loss of control “. “We are offered to choose between no deal and the government’s agreement, an agreement that does not yet exist and for which there is no deadline “, he concluded by emphasizing the fact that Theresa did not pursue the public interest but was looking just to stay in power.

The reply from Theresa May has been just as scathing. “Everything we have seen from the labour Party is that it was in the political game with these questions. One minute they say that they accept the referendum, and then the next they want a second referendum. One minute they want to secure the freedom of movement, and then the next they say that the free traffic is always on the table. One minute they want a free trade agreement, and then the next they want a customs union, which would prevent us to conclude free-trade agreements. He (Corbyn, editor’s NOTE) is doing all he can to defeat the Brexit and trigger new elections. “

Hard to imagine, after these exchanges venomous that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn sit down around a table to license, set a withdrawal agreement in which the “fallback solution” (the ” backstop “) would be to maintain Northern Ireland within the customs Union… Except that the uk policy is that a theatre of postures where one minute it is invective, and the next we sign a historic treaty.

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