For months, it is speculated, where Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz to marry. Whether it is in your home back to Germany, or whether they will stay at their new home in Los Angeles.

or: According to the “image” is to be married to the beautiful couple on the Italian island of Capri. The two have spent the last year-a romantic summer vacation. On a luxury Yacht in front of around 100 selected guests to give in August, the Yes-word. Thus, the wedding runs out really private and relaxed, there is even an official cell phone ban. Accordingly, the visitor should be prompted for your Smartphones at the beginning of the Celebration, to make, as it is called.

Heidi Klum wedding has an unusual Motto celebrity wedding bells Soon wedding bells: What Heidi Klum kids say about marriage?

Heidi Klum is for your annual Costume party in Hollywood known. Of course, considering the top model for your own wedding is a suitable Motto and that’s pretty self-deprecating. “Forever Young” is supposed to be the Celebration of the 45-Year-old and the 16 years of younger Tom Kaulitz – to appropriate clothing will be asked. It is planned also the presence of two international and one German Band.

Whether the wedding of the celebrity couple is actually being kept so private, it remains to be seen. So far, Heidi Klum granted to its followers on Instagram very private insight into the love life of the two.

source: “image”



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