the help against Hunger, hope for needy children, scholarships for a better future: The Foundation star supports many charitable initiatives in home and abroad. In our donation Ticker, we will keep you informed of where the Need this year is particularly big as the Foundation is involved and how your money can help.

+++ 15. May: Doctors without borders is grateful for Yemen-donations +++

For four years, is raging in Yemen, a war between the Saudi Arabia-supported government forces and Shiite Huthi rebels, behind which Iran is. According to the United Nations, ten million people in the country are threatened by starvation, 80 percent of the population in need of urgent assistance, as the four boys in the picture above. 18 million people have no water and no sanitary facilities, and the infrastructure of the country is completely destroyed.

Here you can donate:

Foundation star, IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


the keyword “Yemen”

The organization Doctors without borders saves in Yemen daily lives and the Foundation of the star will support you in your work. Thanks to the donations of the star-reader, the Foundation was able to send again now 5,000 Euro to the charity. At the beginning of the year, 12,000 euros have already flowed, and in the past year, there were 15,000 euros.

Doctors without borders, the re-grants of the star can use the reader well: “Our work in this still from the war-ridden country and in the Foundation star to support hospitals in the city Tais will continue,” said the organization in a letter of thanks. Between 2016 and 2018, the hospitals have registered in Tais and in the city of Para in the death of 36 mothers and 1529 children, including 1018 newborns. Almost a third of the deaths in the hospital in Tais were children who had already been born dead. The causes of death in neonates were births, especially early on, a lack of oxygen at birth and severe infections. “The support of the Foundation’s star for the Yemen continues to be extremely necessary and topical”, writes Doctors without borders. “Thank you and your readers are available for our patients and employees in Yemen, as before, to the side!”

The Foundation star supports the work of Doctors without borders and will forward your donations to:

IBAN DE90 2007 0000 0469 9500 01, BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Yemen”.

+++ 6. May: star readers to help cyclone Victims in Mozambique +++

the First came in mid-March, “Idai”, and then at the end of April was followed by “Kenneth”: Mozambique was hit within a few weeks, two Times by cyclones. In the Southeast African country and the neighboring countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi died as a result of the cyclones and the associated severe Flooding, hundreds of people, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, large areas of arable land went under just before harvest in the floods. The basis of life for countless families have been destroyed.

Foundation star donations for Sant’Egidio

Sant’egidio is dependent for his work against poverty and for peace to donate. We will forward your help: IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00

BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Mozambique”;

In his edition 14/2019 of the end of March, the star printed a photo of two girls in the town of Buzi. The picture shows the just-woke 11-year-old Enia Joaquin, Luis, and their six-year-old sister, Luisa. The children have plastic sleep schedule, in order to protect themselves from the rain. To published the photo we have a call for donations, which many of them are followed. Have now got 30,000 Euro, of which 20, 000 to the Christian community of Sant’Egidio were distributed.

Sant’egidio, has 27 years of peace in Mozambique with and takes care of the Poorest of the poor. The donations Help the community in the organisation of urgent assistance to approximately 50,000 needy families, children, orphans and the Sick. The distribution of food and basic necessities, the distribution of drinking water and Filters for water purification, medical care, and, finally, aid for the reconstruction of count.

The Christian community is sincerely grateful for your support. The need for money to purchase flour, rice, sugar, Oil, and milk and porridge powder for children, medication against diarrhea, Malaria and parasites, medical supplies such as disinfectant, bandages, a Thermometer, and gloves, most basic goods for everyday needs such as clothing, soap, utensils, tents and mosquito nets, as well as materials for the reconstruction is still enormous. Therefore, we ask that you continue to donate for the war-torn country. You help so others can help! Thank you!

Foundation-star – donations for Sant’egidio

Sant’egidio is dependent for his work against poverty and for peace to donate. We will forward your help on: Here you can donate directly Online. IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00 BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Mozambique”;

+++ 16. March: Schneider, of Delhi receives 25,000 euros for the “Sunshine Project” +++

Sometimes means “help” just something to tackle. As the Indian tailors Kuku Arora, the star reported just before Christmas. Affected by child poverty in his home town of Delhi Arora with his wife, Priti, street children began to enroll in schools to get teaching material and school uniforms as well as lunch, and to give a place to Learn. The Aroras have two children – and meanwhile, 265 additional girls and boys under their wing taken. The first have now completed their education, are teachers, Doctors or managers, and with the help now in turn.

As a tailor from Delhi a girl half a Hand missing – and from this, hundreds of children were Of Jan Boris wintzen castle

The Initiative is moving it seems that many star readers: For the so-called Sunshine Project, so many donations were received at the Foundation’s star could now be 25,000 Euro to Arora and the children passed. The money comes at the right time: Just Arora has terminated the lease because the house demolished and luxury apartments to be replaced. A new home for the children is found, but these had to be bought with a lot of borrowed money and needs to be rebuilt also. So it is missing in the new house, for example, toilets and a kitchen, which is needed in the first place. Because of the influx of poor children is unabated.

The Foundation’s star supported the “Sunshine Project” in Delhi. Please donate: IBAN DE90 2007 0000 0469 9500 01 – BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Sunshine Project”;

+++ 14. March: she was raped, lost her Baby and sat for years in prison – now Alba Rodríguez free +++ Fullscreen

Alba Rodríguez in the courtyard of the women’s prison in Ilopango, San Salvador, El Salvador. For eleven years she spent here.

©Nadia Shira Cohen/the star

Because of a supposed abortion was sentenced Alba Rodríguez as dozens of women in El Salvador to 30 years in prison. The star reported in 2018 on the case. Now the mother of two daughters, was set free after eleven years early from prison. The Public pressure was the decisive factor. The remainder of the sentence was remitted.

thanks to reader donations the Foundation, the star was able to send 20,000 euros to the Asociación Tiempos Nuevos Teatro, which takes care of the release and reintegration of imprisoned women.

+++ 3. March: 12,000 euros to Doctors without borders for emergency relief in the Yemen +++ Fullscreen

a woman has A malnourished child in a hospital in the province of Hadscha

©Mohammed Mohammed, REUTERS

In November 2018, the star showed the image of a little boy from the Yemen. The five-year-old Abdelrahman Manhash weighed only five pounds and fought in a hospital in Hodeidah for his life. His fate moved many readers who wrote to us and asked how the needy people in the year-long war-torn country can do to help. The answer was and is: donate!

Here you can donate:

Foundation star, IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


the keyword “Yemen”

We support with our Foundation and the work of Doctors without borders in the town of Taiz, where the aid organisation save every day with drugs, Material, medical staff and technical advice people live. Thanks to your donations, we were able to transfer Doctors without borders in the past year, of 15.000 Euro, and because of your willingness to help took no end, was a further 12,000 euros for emergency assistance in Yemen to the network.

+++ 6. February: 20 percent of all children live in extreme poverty +++

Only slightly more than a third of all children in the world benefits, according to the United Nations of social services. Especially in Africa, only about 16 percent of the children would benefit from such AIDS, says a joint report by the UN children’s Agency Unicef and the International labour organisation, ILO, has now been published. At the same time, approximately 385 million of all children and young people according to Unicef, around the world in extreme poverty – about 20 percent of all people up to 17 years. Extreme poverty means that a person per day has more than 1.66 euros.

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany.

Here you can support the fight against child poverty with a donation.

The support of children is on the different continents according to the report, very different. In Europe, 87 percent of the children, for example, in the enjoyment of aid in the Asia-Pacific Region, by contrast, only 28 per cent. Unicef and ILO call on the policy, increased coverage of social aid to introduce.

“children and family AIDS are an important basis in the social protection of children and to reach directly the financial barriers that prevent children, their rights and their potential,” – said in the report. It should be clear that social services, especially direct financial contributions, the provision of food, health and access to education improved.

+++ 23. January: your donations to young people from Bolivia to secure homes for orphans, a training +++ Fullscreen

La vida sigue, life goes on: sponsored young people from Sucre, Bolivia

©Bolivian children work star

The project La vida sigue (English: life goes on) of the Bolivian children’s Fund allows young people, who grew up in orphanages, help, further education and training. The Teenagers either have no parents or come from socially vulnerable families. You are the First in their families ever create a conclusion.

A kind of Bafög for their studies in Bolivia. If the young people of the age of 18. The age of reach, you leave the orphanage, usually with no more than a bag of clothes and without entitlement to any financial support. If you’re lucky, helps you to the orphanage from which they come, with the first steps, but that is not the normal case.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


La vida sigue supports such young people for the duration of their training with fellowships. The training will increase the likelihood of work enormously. In addition, the project promotes the social integration of the fellows through activities with other young people, training opportunities (e.g. computer training), assistance in the job search process and medical problems, as well as a guide to meaningful economies with the existing money. A prerequisite for support: The young adults need to achieve good grades, and by the way, does not work, but only so much that they neglect their training.

In the past year, La vida sigue was able to award ten scholarships to former orphanage residents, thanks in part to the donations made by the star-readers.

+++ 27. December: charity calls for participation, law to tackle child poverty +++

In the fight against child poverty in Germany it is missing in the view of the German children’s aid to basic reform steps and financial resources. Therefore, the Federal government should. in the framework of an overall strategy, a Federal children’s participation, call the law into life, the children and young people, bar, on the one hand, materially secure, and at the same time, a sustainable social infrastructure, to be responsible, calls for the organization of the children’s rights The to 1. January 2019 as envisaged increase in the Hartz-IV standard rate for children and adolescents to five or six Euro, according to the Association, in view of the sustainable problem of child poverty in Germany, not even a drop on the hot stone.

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 20,000 euros, the children, for example, in the past year Ranch of the children and youth to “die Arche” in fireenburg supported.

“By a Federal children’s part of the law, poor children and young people could be better achieved and is entitled to them the benefits they actually use,” said children’s charity President Thomas Krüger on the website of the organization. A law, the legal rights to the promotion and participation, on the one hand be transparent and on the other hand controls how the municipalities have to implement government – funded infrastructural, educational and part-performance on-site, could result in out-affected children and young people sustainably out of the poverty trap.” It should not depend on place of residence, whether poor children and young people are well cared for, and encouraged, admonished Krueger. The Federal patchwork of regional poverty reduction should be a Federal strategy-wide total and will be terminated. In the long term, there is need for a child’s basic security, which brings together child-related benefits and the socio-cultural subsistence minimum of children, regardless of the financial resources of the family, the family and the existing support system ensures.

+++ 29. November: donations of seriously ill Eva Dolphin-assisted therapy +++

The little Eva Bornemann hovers constantly in danger of their lives. If she falls asleep or is startled, it stops to breathe. The star had reported in October about the girl and the almost superhuman efforts of her parents, Andrea and Landolf to take, in order to allow the five-year-old, in spite of their disease, live a happy life. Congenital Central hypoventilation syndrome, or CCH, is called the Genddefekt, or Undine’s syndrome, named after a legendary choke mermaid who cursed her unfaithful husband to, as soon as he fell asleep.

family in a state of emergency Eva has a rare disease. When she sleeps, she hears breathing

eve’s parents a personal donation set up at the Association Dolphin Aid account. You want to travel with Eva, and their sister, Esther, to Curaçao, so that Eva can make a Dolphin-assisted therapy. They already did, once. After Andrea Bornemann-goehre had not asked for two years to donate, because the insurance company pays for such therapies, they were in the spring of 2018 for two weeks in the Caribbean, flown. What happened to them there, and borders for Andrea and Landolf of a miracle: the Dolphin lady Chabelita kissed Eva on the cheek, although these touches and kisses in the face could never endure. Since the dolphins, the girls can also be used by parents and Esther kiss and the nurse wash the face. And she no longer squirms when someone in the face has to handle close to. “As we were this year in the Dolphin assisted therapy, I saw Eva for the first Time in her life, so happy,” says Andrea.

The star supported the request of the family after a Dolphin therapy for Eva.

The Foundation’s star forwards your donation to the organization Dolphin Aid.

Here you can donate:

Foundation star – IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 01 – BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Dolphin therapy”;

In the facility in Curaçao, but will not be dealt with only Eva, but also Esther. Because the sister suffers a lot from a difficult family situation, has depression, no friends and in school, big problems. In the time with Eva Physio-, Logo-, Ergo – or Dolphin-assisted therapy carried out will have Esther with the staff of the establishment of their own program, reported Andrea Bornemann. “You work on the theme of “I am a special sister” and make everything nice.” And the mother and her husband could visit daily-changing Workshops and discussions with psychologists or trauma therapist lead.

The star supports the desire of the family according to a further Dolphin therapy for Eva. Thanks to the donations of the star-reader for the Foundation, the star was able to transfer so far, 10,000 Euro on eve’s account with the Association Dolphin Aid. With the already on the account, as money is the Dolphin-assisted therapy is funded in the next year to one hundred percent. As the family gets but no cure or rehab, or something similar, such as Andrea Bornemann writes Göhre, would you allow Eva to travel once in a year for the therapy. This is also the recommended distance. Further donations are needed urgently.

+++ 22. November: the risk of poverty among the unemployed in Germany +++

unemployed people in Germany rose are always vulnerable to frequent poverty. In the past year, this was more than 70 percent of the unemployed, as is clear from Figures of the Left-social expert, Sabine Zimmermann, the existence of the news Agency AFP. Thus, the percentage has doubled compared to the year 2000 almost. According to the Figures, which had been requested by Zimmermann to the European statistical office, were in 2017, 70.5 per cent of the unemployed at risk of poverty. In the year 2000, the rate was 37 percent. In no other country in the EU, the share of 2017, was as high as in Germany. The EU average is 48 percent.

As the at risk of poverty is anyone who has less than 60 percent of the median income of the total population in the respective member state. In Germany, this figure for 2017 was for a stand-Alone at 13.152 Euro in annual income – equivalent to 1096 euros per month.

+++ 05. October: star readers ‘ help to war victims in Raqqa +++ Fullscreen

everyday life in Raqqa: Two students rush to the ruins of their city. To this day, many Dead lie under the rubble, it will take months until all the recovered are

©Hussein Malla Picture Alliance star-Reportage war in Syria, First the IS, then the bombs: The Survivors of Raqqa

In June, the star reported on Raqqa, the former stronghold of the terrorists of the so-called Islamic state in Syria. Raqqa is the most destroyed city in the country. The Foundation of the star called on readers to donate to help the people living there back to life. With 10,000 euros, the E. R. was supported by “Doctors without borders”. In the device, especially wounded to be cared for by booby-trapped limbs, and blood have lost. The patients, many of them children, are stabilized by the medical professionals so that they can be brought to around 90 kilometers away, the hospital in Tal Abyad. In the city on the border with Turkey, the private operates auxiliary organisation for emergency medical aid, a complete accident surgery.

+++ 20. September: half of the world’s poor are underage +++

in the World are determined to a report by the United Nations, about 1.3 billion people as poor. This is about a quarter of the population in the 104 of the UN of the countries studied, it said in in New York, presented the report. Approximately 662 million of them and around half of all people living in poverty are children and young people under the age of 18 years.

With around 1.1 billion live, the vast majority of the poor in rural areas, where the poverty rate is around four times as high as in urban’s name. In many places, it would also be a effective Anti-poverty initiatives of governments. So, for example, in India, have been able to work in the past 10 years, approximately 271 million people out of poverty, said the head of the UN development programme (UNDP), Achim Steiner. “Even if the magnitude of the poverty – particularly in children – is staggering, so too, the progress that can be made, if you approach it.”

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 20,000 euros, the child was supported, for example, in the past year Ranch of the children and youth work “The ark” in the state of Brandenburg.

Also in Germany, child poverty is a big Problem. In December 2017 of 2.04 million lived just under 18 Years in households dependent on Hartz IV. The were approximately 35,000, or 1.75 percent higher than a year earlier, as a statistic of the Federal employment Agency shows. The increase is mainly to foreign children, refugees and immigrants from the EU, said a spokeswoman for the Nuremberg-based Agency.

For the UN report studied by experts of the UNDP and the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative, especially the Standards for health, education and living situation. In the 104 countries analysed, around three-quarters of the world’s population, mainly low-and middle-income.

+++ 27. August: UN investigators throw Myanmar “genocide” against the Rohingya, before +++

A year after the expulsion of the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar are calling for investigators of the United Nations criminal proceedings against the army chief and five high-ranking military officials for genocide. In a report by the UN investigation mission for Myanmar, it is said that the commander-in-chief Min Aung Hlaing and the other generals would have to answer, after appropriate investigation for genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes before an international court. In addition to the six high military, the UN investigators produced a longer list with the names of civilian persons who committed alleged crimes.

The Situation of the Rohingya is dramatic. We will forward your money to the assistants, who are in the refugee camps operate. Here you can donate:

IBAN DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00 – BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Rohingya”;

The investigators recommend that the UN security Council referred to the International criminal court in the Hague with the Dossier. A replacement could also be an Ad hoc Tribunal set up as at the time of Yugoslavia. They speak, also, to impose against Burma, an arms embargo and against the alleged main responsible for crime and criminal measures.

The Rohingya are oppressed in Myanmar for decades. The situation escalated last year, after Rohingya rebels killed in attacks by border guards. The military in the Buddhist-majority country, has responded with brutal counter-violence, and destroyed numerous Rohingya villages. Refugees reported of looting, rapes and killings. Alone between August and December 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya have fled the military into the neighboring country of Bangladesh. The report refers to the reaction of the military as “consistently grossly disproportionate”.

+++ 22. May: food for hungry families in South Sudan +++ Fullscreen

A family eats in a refugee accommodation in Wau in South Sudan together to lunch. At the peak of the deficiency for the period from may to July 2018 is expected to be a further dramatic deterioration of food security throughout the country.

©Miguel Juarez Lugo DPA

about a year Ago, visited the star Reporter Jonas Breng the refugee camp in Bentiu in South Sudan, where, since 2013, bloody fights for Power and money to destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. Breng described, such as Hunger and violence, let the people despair, and humanitarian organizations such as world hunger, trying to alleviate the misery in the country. Thanks to your donations, the Foundation’s star could support at the time, the food distribution in the Panijiar County through the world hunger relief with 50,000 euros.

The people of South Sudan urgently need our help. Please donate to: IBAN DE90 2007 0000 0469 9500 00 BIC DEUTDEHH – keyword “Hunger”;

Now it has transferred the Foundation’s star a further 10,000 euros to the charity. As the security situation in the Region Panijiar is now for the helpers is very delicate, should be the money used for the follow-up project in Rubkona County. The overall goal of this project is to improve food and nutrition security in the conflict-affected population, both the IDPs and the host community. The world food programme of the United Nations and the world hunger relief-fortified Corn-soy blends for children under the age of five and pregnant and lactating women. An important role in the food distribution project management Committee to take. They are composed of representatives of the affected people, to ensure their involvement and serve as a Mediator.

Preventable catastrophe: South Sudan: The struggle for life and home Fullscreen

The faces of exhaustion and despair to show: After several days of walking through the swamp region of the Sudd, a group of women and children, reached the village Ngueny, where helpers of the United Nations Post have related

©Mads Nissen

In Rubkona County have very many internal refugees in the blue helmet troops guarded the protection zones for the civil population took refuge. However, the zones are for the crowd is not large enough, so that many families have also settled around them. Agriculture is there for reasons of space impossible, and in the context of the protection zones and in the surrounding areas, the security situation is very fragile, what prevents people from to return to their homes and there food self-sufficiency to grow. In the Rest of the country is not enough food will be produced, which is why a large part of the population to humanitarian assistance is dependent. At the peak of the deficiency for the period from may to July 2018 is expected with a further deterioration of food security throughout the country, the record level von 7.1 million people with severe food insecurity.

star-Reportage of East Africa Hunger and violence: How the people of South Sudan to Survive

fight not only for food security but also to improve the nutritional status of the people, accompanied by the world hunger relief food distributions through training. In particular, Pregnant and lactating women about the importance of early and exclusive breastfeeding and appropriate feeding practices for infants and young children to its security. You will also receive information about your own nutritional needs during pregnancy and lactation, as well as consulting on General nutrition and hygiene practices.

+++ 15. May: Save the Children complained of a bad situation of children in refugee homes +++

The rights of children in refugee homes come up, according to the organization Save the Children is often too short. “Collective properties are not a suitable place to Stay for children and adolescents,” says Director Susanna Kruger at the launch of a study in Berlin. Therefore, it is better for children locally in apartments to accommodate. “But if children and their parents have to live in shared accommodation, then these should be set up in accordance with uniform, child-friendly Standards and are regularly subject to quality controls.” Specifically, Krüger calls about the establishment of child-friendly game rooms and retreat places in the homes. A comprehensive education must be ensured, – stated in the report. “The boys and girls need to go as quickly as possible in the school and not, as in the past, weeks or months, it will have to wait.”

Together with operators of shelters, Save the Children is working properties, according to a Tüv for Refugees. In the process, homes will in future be reviewed on the basis of 90 indicators for safety, Hygiene, education and participation.

+++ 4. April: more and more children and young people are on Hartz IV +++

instructed to allow The immigration of refugees, but also EU citizens, the number of Hartz IV dependent children and adolescents are on the rise. Last year, one in seven under the age of 18-Year-old was with 2.1 million people, on the support of the job centre dependent, while it was even five years ago, with 1.9 million, only just under one in eight, according to recent statistics of the Federal employment Agency (BA) shows.

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 20,000 euros, the child was supported, for example, in the past year Ranch of the children and youth work “The ark” in the state of Brandenburg.

if you Prefer to help the needy with a foreign passport, have improved the situation in recent years, however, said a BA spokesman. This assessment also Thorsten Lietz man from the Institute for labour market and occupational research (IAB) shares. “New groups have come in the basic security – and that is in the children significantly,” emphasizes the scientist.

The Federal government referred, in the meantime, the measures in the coalition agreement, “which also serve to combat child poverty”. These do not concern only the child allowance, but also benefits to children from Hartz-IV-families and more education and part of the secure have, BelTA learned from the Ministry of labour. It is also important that the parents find a job. If one of the parents work part full-time, were falling and the Numbers significantly.

The left party called on German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), to make child poverty a top priority. “Two million children in Hartz IV are shameful”, said parliamentary leader Dietmar Bartsch. Of the social Association VdK warned, urgently necessary, a recalculation of the Hartz-IV-rule sets of the children and young people to be. Especially single women have problems, to come up with your income to make ends meet.

+++ 26. March: Doctors without borders 35,000 euros receives for help in Yemen and Rohingya in Bangladesh +++

In Yemen, the suffering of the population receives, since 1986, the help of Doctors without borders (médecins sans Frontières). Since the beginning of the war in the year 2015, the organization has increased its activities in the desperately poor country – and under the most difficult conditions: every Day, civilians are attacked, medical staff and health structures of all parties to the conflict in Yemen. MSF hospitals were taken by the aid organization, according to several times of air attacks.

UN aid workers reported from Yemen, “I’ve seen children and images that I will never forget” By Marc Drewello

Doctors without borders focuses his efforts in Yemen, especially in the areas of obstetrics, newborn care and Pediatrics, as well as on the treatment of war wounded. The doctors pay attention very balanced activity on both sides of the Front. The Foundation star promotes the work of the helpers of 15,000 euros.

a Further 20,000 euros, the Foundation star shall pay to Doctors without borders for the support of the Rohingya in Bangladesh. Since the beginning of the mass Exodus of the Muslim minority from Myanmar in August 2017, almost 700,000 Rohingya people are on the Land and sea route to Bangladesh came. The refugee settlement of Kutupalong-Balukhali, where 600,000 of the Refugees intake have found, is currently the largest and most densely populated Camp in the world.

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

IBAN: DE20 2007 0000 0469 9500 00


Doctors without borders has been working since 1985 in Bangladesh. Close to Kutapalong in Cox’s Bazar operates the organization since 2009, a health centre and a clinic, where General health care and emergency medical care as well as inpatient care for Rohingya and the local population are offered. As a reaction to the influx of Refugees in Cox’s Bazar Physicians has increased without the limits of its capacity in the Region and the water supply and sanitation, and medical care of the refugees expanded.

in addition, Doctors without borders in the capital city of Dhaka in the Slum of Kamrangirchar in use, where the organization offers psychological support, family planning and testing for Pregnant women, as well as health examinations for factory workers.

+++ 1. March: Good news from the refugee assistance Initiative “Ipso” +++

The Initiative “Ipso” trains refugees to psychological consultants, for other refugees. Thanks to your donations, the Foundation star nine years ago by the psychoanalyst Inge miss grinding founded the “International Psychosocial organization” at the site in Ham can castle financial support – with great success, such as the “Ipso” tells in a letter:

After a three-month preparatory period and a twelve month training period, we 22 women and men from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, Kosovo, and Sierra Leone psycho-social Counselorn of their countrymen to the of Inge miss grinding-developed consultancy approach can form. On 28.02. the highly motivated participants were given their nationwide valid certificate.

refugee assistance Very close By Uli Hauser

For the nine-month specialised practical Phase of the prospective Counselor, we are taken on a great support and were able to complete within this time in Hamburg, a variety of collaborations, including with: the UKE, Asklepios Klinik, Legato, Caritas, Diakonisches Werk, but also educational institutions. We are about “Promoting and Living” with one of our consultants in various Refugee shelters in the city represented, as well as many smaller initiatives and non-profit Associations for the integration and refugee assistance. We take on tasks that go beyond a consultation: an emergency service for refugees with acute suicidal thoughts. We bring the people in, the competent psychiatric outpatient clinic, teach at the talks, transfer in Therapy and, if necessary, to lawyers.

Dr. Michael Otto has supported the pilot project this year, generously and pushed. The Foundation of the star allowed for the extension of the project period by a further two months and now enables us to the important work to continue through the Bridging of structural costs in the coming transition months, up to the contractually secured more funding.

+++ 7. February: risk of poverty of families increases with each child +++

With each child, the risk of poverty increases for families. The findings of a study published by the Bertelsmann Foundation. Then 2015 was at risk, approximately one in eight Few (13 percent) with a child poverty, about one out of every sixth Couple (16 per cent) with two children and almost one in five (18 percent) with three children. As poor households whose income is less than 60 percent of the median income of all households, shall apply accordingly. The study is based on Figures from the Federal Statistical office and the German Socio-economic panel (SOEP).

children in poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 5000 Euro, for example, in the past year, a fall of leisure to Helgoland for disadvantaged children from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

The risk of poverty of families was significantly higher than previously thought, as researchers at the Ruhr-University of Bochum, Germany, have created the study with a new method of calculation. With the previous calculation on the basis of a scale of the Organisation for economic co-operation and development (OECD) to be “the low-income households systematically over – and those have been rich in underestimated households”. Because for poor families the financial burden due to children in the relationship is greater than for wealthy families. Especially the income situation of lone parents was worse than previously believed. The risk-of-poverty rate, spent to the new method, at 68 percent, according to the old, they amounted to only 46 percent.

the researchers calculated The information, according to which additional costs are incurred by children, depending on family type and income situation. Have shown that the lower the family income is, the heavier the financial burden weighs by each additional member of the household. The study shows the Foundation also found that from 1992 to 2015 couples with children or Single parents, on average, financially always worse than childless couples. “With each additional child, the financial situation of families is more difficult,” said the Foundation’s Executive Board, Jörg Dräger. Children are in Germany, “unfortunately, a risk of poverty”.

the approach of the researchers in Bochum, however, is not without controversy. Other scientists hold to the basic statement of the Bertelsmann study for properly, the specified Numbers, but for the time being, the OECD methodology is appropriate.

+++ 1. February: Foundation star thanks for more than 100,000 euros in donations +++

Here you can donate:

Foundation’s star,

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The year 2017/2018, more than EUR 100,000 to the Foundation star donated. The entire star editorial Board would like to thank the donors for the trust. So the star can continue to provide fast, direct and unbureaucratic help for people in Need.

this year will again go a large part of the donations to needy children and their families in Germany. But also the Rohingya in Bangladesh who had to flee before the Terror of the army in Burma and the war-stricken people in the desperately poor Yemen are in need of our support.

+++ 30. January: “Without you, I would probably be dead by now” – report from the project motivators +++ Fullscreen

“Mutmacherin” Shabnam Jalali in an interview with Melanie (Name v. d. Red. changed)

©Jonas Wresch/Foundation star

Melanie (Name v. d. Red. changed) had to learn early the lies. Tell that you have fallen or slipped when she was once again beaten up by the mother. On the wall, with the course down the throat; the blows with the belt were harmless, however. Her mother brought her often to the hospital, and when a doctor asked what was really happening, lying to both of them. Also, compared to people from social services, to a skull-brain Trauma. All right, said the mother. All right, said the daughter. You loved your mother, “she’s not a bad person,” she says today.

Melanie is 20 years old and just became a mother. You take care of your Little one, he should have it better than you. Her father had left the family right after her birth, the frustration about the life and the love of the mother to her daughter had. “All I wanted was to survive,” says Melanie.

their luck was that you found with 13 years of refuge in the “ark” in Hamburg-Jenfeld. Where children, after school, dinner and homework can get. And where Shabnam Jalali works, has a good eye for anyone that is in a bad way. “Without you,” says Melanie, “I would be probably dead by now.”

The trained economist Shabnam Jalali has helped many. With the support of the Foundation star and actor Til Schweiger, as well as with funds from the “RTL donations marathon”she created four years ago, an impressive project: “encouragement”. Here are three social workers deal specifically with the problems of young people. To listen, to ask, to try to develop prospects. They are: life consultant. And often the Only, which the boys and girls confidence. Because they expect their parents and sometimes of their teachers nothing more.

Melanie is one of nearly 100 young people reached by this support, a good education or an Apprenticeship found. However, at the beginning, she would let no one approach in itself. “I was,” she says, “it’s so gross and asi.” She numbed her pain with Cannabis, you went to classmates. Skinny was hooked and felt only, if they scratched their arms with a razor blade.

Today, she has “no feeling for this time between 13 and 17”. But you know how Shabnam Jalali won her confidence, how she spoke with the teachers, with the mother. As you hope in your aroused and the feeling to be something of value.

Shabnam Jalali doing it so well, that companies have tried to get a consultant to measure the “social return” of their work. The result, in the past year, presented in a study by the Boston Consulting Group: “Everyone in the encourager program Euro invested brings in at least 20 Euro of social Benefits.” Because young people, the graduation or training, the state later, not on the bag. Because there is less risk that you will be a criminal. And because the chances are great that they engage later for others.

Melanie would like to be after your secondary school diploma like being a nurse. “Close to be to people, closer to go.” And get married, “even though the Celebration is a bit sad, because we have no money”. Her future husband works hard, lots of night shifts for little money. “But we’re fine,” she says. “I’m not always happy. But happy with it.”

+++ 22. January: According to Oxfam, there are 2043 billionaires, while the 3.7 billion people live in poverty +++ Fullscreen

“to combat The inequalities, the poverty of defeat”: Oxfam activists protest on the Republic square in Paris.

©Eric Feferberg/AFP

last year, the world generated wealth is benefited, according to one study, almost only for the Rich: The wealthiest percent of the world’s population won about 82 percent of the 2017 newly created wealth, according to a report by the development organization Oxfam. The 3.7 billion people, the respect of the poorer half of the world’s population, had not benefited at all from the asset growth. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of billionaires had increased, meanwhile, as never before, every two days, a new billionaire was added. With 2043 billionaires, the total number was in the year 2017, therefore, on a record.

Oxfam-report study: A percent of the world’s population owns more than the remaining 99 percent

“The billionaire boom is not a sign of a thriving economy, but a Symbol for the Failure of the economic order”, said Oxfam Director Winnie Byanyima. Oxfam called for, to stop tax avoidance by corporations and super-rich, fair income for women and men to enforce and to invest in education and health for all.

Oxfam Germany complained, a rich minority take massive influence on political decisions, and lower business costs, especially wages and taxes in order to increase the profits of the shareholders. The price of the profits paid meanwhile, billions of people, “not to wages, the rich life, must toil, and no access to public education and health system”.

17. January: 400,000 children in the Congo from starvation Fullscreen

children are threatened in a refugee village in the Congo according to the UN. In the Central African country fled because of continuing conflict, hundreds of thousands of people from their home country to other country to look for

©Christian Jepsen/DPA

parts of The United Nations, a massive hunger crisis fear in the Congolese region of Kasai. At least 400,000 small children there suffer from acute malnourishment as the country Director of the UN children’s Fund, Unicef, Tajudeen Oyewale, tells. “You will probably die,” he warns, unless they would rapidly food aid and health support.

“The time to rescue in Congo, hundreds of thousands of human lives, runs,” explained Unicef, the world food programme (WFP) and the UN food and agriculture organization (FAO) in a joint appeal. In the aftermath of the 2016 conflict in the Central Region, agriculture had collapsed. Now some 3.2 million people, food aid, need, currently, could be due to a lack of financial resources only 400,000 of them helped. More than 750,000 people are in a result of the conflict as internal refugees.

The Congolese government and the international community must rapidly mobilize more support in order to avoid “a great famine”, says WFP country chief Claude Jibidar. “If this is not successful, immediately, and with United forces, it means that many people are going to die.” The Situation in the Congo is with the UN, in the meantime, with Syria, Iraq and Yemen as one of the worst humanitarian crises.

+++ 1. January: children’s charity calls for more child-friendly Germany +++ children of poverty

The Foundation star promotes regular small-scale local initiatives in the fight against child poverty in Germany. With 5000 Euro, for example, in the past year, a fall of leisure to Helgoland for disadvantaged children from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg.

The German children’s Fund appealed to the beginning of the year to the next government to bring in measures for a child-friendly Germany on the way. These Changes were, of the basic law with a local anchoring of children’s rights, a policy to combat child poverty, a consistent implementation of the UN Convention on children’s rights for refugee children, as well as a significant strengthening of the education sector is necessary. “Effective measures for a child-friendly Germany on the political Agenda, otherwise we risk nothing less than the future viability of our society,” warns the President of the children’s charity, Thomas Krüger.

To Overcome child poverty, the children’s calls for charity for a nationwide action plan that is equipped with adequate funds and across departments, attaches to all social fields of action. The Situation of refugee children and adolescents in Germanyto improve Ireland, had to be implemented, the priority of the best interests of the child for refugee children consistently, and, not least, have a statutory right to family life for unaccompanied minors to be recognized.

the year in review Foundation star Thank you! These people have you in 2017 with your donation helped

emergency relief against Hunger, hope for needy children, scholarships for a better future: a number of initiatives at home and abroad received in 2017, the support of the Foundation’s star – thanks to your donations. Here you are, who your money has helped see.

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