This scene has not tasted of any: After, Franck Ribéry has advanced a gold-plated Steak for around 1200 Euro, rained down scorn and ridicule on the net. The reaction of the football players from FC Bayern: Obscene insults against his critics. According to Club information, he was occupied with a large fine (read more here).

Lothar Matthäus: “But only with Golden Toast …”

On the Social Media scandal, many reactions, even Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) warned Ribéry. Now also Ex-national players Lothas Matthew gives his mustard – with an ironic Posting on Facebook: “family Dinner – but only with the Golden Toast…”, writes the former FC Bayern player, a plate of oysters in the camera holding.

family Dinner – Posted but only with a Golden Toast…?

of Lothar Matthäus on Monday, may 7. January 2019

After the Ribéry-outburst of FC Bayern is keen to sporting normality. Captain Manuel Neuer saw after a workout in the morning “no danger”, that the vortex to the outburst of the teammates could have an impact on the all-star ensemble cast. He liked on Monday in Qatar, “more football” than the turbulent weekend talk.

opinion “Steak-Gate” dance around the Golden Steak, or what the Ribéry Of Dieter Hoß

His Deputy, Thomas Müller stressed that you “play football” there is teaches. “And we want to pursue,” said the DFB and Club-mate shortly before the training camp-to mid-term. Until Thursday, the Munich sweating in Doha, where the on the Internet abusive become Ribéry posted in addition to the training images without Gold a visit to a Hairdresser in Rap music.

“For us players is the question of how trained and how he plays, how he gives on the court. When I see how he works for the team as he has played the last game against Frankfurt, then there is no doubt,” said New. In society and by politicians, Abusive, discussed of Ribéry were “now not an issue. I don’t think you should make a debate out of it.”

fs / Christian Kunz / DPA


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