With a pilot test in nine major cities will be tested for the possible introduction of a green arrow just for cyclists. Appropriate traffic signs to be placed at selected nodes in Bamberg, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Köln, Leipzig, München, Münster, Germany, Reutlingen, and Stuttgart, the Federal Institute for highway engineering announced on Monday in Bergisch Gladbach.

the mobility of Each Stop against any in German towns and cities – what will change in road traffic must Of Florian Güßgen The green arrow: right

turn in traffic, The traffic sign with the green arrow to the right of a traffic light allows red light to the right, turn to previous. This scheme is since 1994 part of the Federal German road traffic regulations, in the GDR, the green arrow was introduced already in 1978.


A further variant of the green arrow, this time as a shield.

©Bundesanstalt für straßenwesen DPA

to test whether in the future the Turn on a red light is allowed in through the Green-arrow-sign with the addition “only Cycling” exclusively for cyclists.

wlk / AFP


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