What can we learn from top chefs for your home? This question runs through 208 pages and in Stefanie Hiekmanns book, “in Demand: 30 top chefs reveal their kitchen secrets”. Of course, the Interviews with the well-known kitchen masters, no substitute for cooking-training – deliver practical and comprehensive professional knowledge for hobby cooks at home. 30 well known chefs from the best Restaurants of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, spill the beans and reveal the best tips to your personal favorite dishes and Signature Dishes.


More secrets of the top chefs in “Demand”. The author Stefanie Hiekmann is to be seen also in the Jury of the ZDF cooking show “city, country, Yummy” (on Saturdays at 15.15 PM). The book appeared in the EMF-Verlag. 208 pages. 26 Euro.

a Dessert without refined sugar, René Frank?

It depends what you want to have! If you want to have Quick, Sweet and Cheap, you can’t avoid the refined sugar likely. This one has sugar in its purest, but also in its artificial Form. But if you are willing to invest a bit and without a bit of Sweetness, excessive Sweetness, then it’s fine. Important is the selection of the ingredients already.

tips from the professional kitchen, As you get a salad so that it tastes really?

it starts with The fruit. Who has no good fruits, you need sugar to make them edible – quite logical. A Trick would be to allow the fruit to ripen only at home; in the process, they develop a natural Sweetness. In the case of bananas and pineapples, the works very well. As the Sweet by the really ripe fruits completely, you need to reset in the Dessert no sugar in it. What you must not forget the basic principle is: If I want to have something Sweet, I can come for the sugar. And it is everywhere: in the honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, also in vegetables and in fruit. Decisive is the amount and I can dispense with the reduced vegetable juices, for example, is significantly better than pure sugar, as a natural flavor in the game. And I have to keep a handle on. So there is a quasi-natural sugar-brake. Who wants to can try out at home: carrot juice or melon juice open a simmer and reduce. After a time, a very sweet syrup that you can use super to Taste for fruit salads or fruit sorbets. Just give it a try!


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