The promises are big: On the fat days of falling Kilos will follow. The advertising suggests that diet drinks will make losing weight quite easily. The market leader Alamsed for example, it means “Just because it works”. The other products are called “Easy Slim” or “Slimfast”. But what is really behind it?

Ökotest has set 14 diet drinks to the test. From drugstores, pharmacies, supermarkets, discounters. Even an organic product. The diet drinks there are in the form of a powder to be Mixed. Either with water or milk. Here, you drink approximately 200 to 400 calories per meal. From September 2019 they may even contain only 200 to 250 calories. The promise of the powder: Who’s replacing two of daily main meals with the powder drinks.

Ökotest sees this promise is critical. Indeed, the only works under certain conditions. So, if you low calorie feeds already. So it must be on the products. Diet drinks are mainly made of similar ingredients: egg white-containing powder, honey, sweeteners, vitamins and minerals.

Good to know: These errors should be you. during a diet, Fullscreen does not avoid

do you eat enough

the Who wants to lose weight, you must eat. And a minimum of 1200 calories per day, those who eat including, signals the body that it is starving. The Result? The metabolism is down, screwed, and burned fewer calories. If you eat later, back to normal, the pounds in no time again – the yo-Yo effect occurs.

© Ökotest not recommend diet drinks

The result, however, is sobering: In Ökotest two-thirds of the products by the fall. They are “poor” or even “unsatisfactory”. Restricted diet powder of Dm, Layenberger and Aldi are recommended. The are almost pollutant-free and does not cost a lot. You will receive a grade of “Satisfactory”. The market leader among the Diet drink, Almased, receives from Ökotest, the overall judgment was “poor”. The powder was heavily contaminated with mineral oils that can accumulate in organs and cause damage to the liver can. In addition, Almased, as well as four other Drinks contain traces of genetically modified soy DNA. Also, the rate of the Tester strictly.

The verdict of Ökotest: diet drinks are unnecessary. You could support in the best case, an entry in a change in Diet. Nevertheless, they give the impression that losing weight would be easy. And who relies on it, it has to be old weight quickly. Therefore Prefer to stay away.

The whole Test, you can read for a fee here.


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