Heidi Klum (right) and photographer Ellen von Unwerth did with Male Model Jordan Barrett fun. The “GNTM”-candidates?

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“This week is a very sexy week,” ushered Heidi Klum (45) the third episode of the current season of “Germany’s next top model” on Thursday. What your girls in the cold Sölden had to adjust? A lot of bare skin, a Male Model as a Shooting Partner and Zickenzoff of the finest.

the Hot Shooting of heated discussion

could Already get used to in the past week, the remaining top model candidate inside of the low temperatures in Austria. In the current episode, Heidi put once again. You let the candidates in provocative Costumes lingerie scan. They had turned Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth (65) as a guest judge. Like the skimpy Outfits, however, could not find any. Especially a candidate Luna (21) were the scraps of cloth: “For me, this is really slutty. I feel really uncomfortable in it,” she scolded, and it was finally something different – not less, Tight – tighten.

The real Surprise for the girls, however, followed. On Shootingset only Heidi and the photographer, but also Jordan Barrett (23), according to Heidi, “is currently the most successful Male Model in the world is not waiting”. “This is totally mine,” said candidate Tatjana (22), and threw the Australians immediately on the Shot. Other comrades-in-arms as Loriane (24) and Mary (19), by contrast, fell less courageously to the cause – much to the displeasure of model Mama Heidi.

Practice makes the master, or not?

the next day, the 45-Year-old seemed to be not just enthusiastic about the learning and work ethic of some of their girls. Because while they had “made the effort” to practice with them in a cowshed, the Sexy Walk, didn’t seem to hold it for a couple of necessary, to listen to the words of the experienced models. They enjoyed rather have the rays of the sun outside the Barn. A No-Go for Heidi: “Just the, the need it, talk around and not listening. But this is your decision, I’m not your Mama”, they made their Anger.

How much of Heidi’s Catwalk-Training, actually remained, they had to prove the candidate finally in place. The 45-Year-old called on to form a new Team Challenge: Team luxury hotel against Team mountain hut. Who can get more points due to his “female and self-confident” Gangs, wins. The result was clear: Team mountain hut, laced with eight to three counters in the bag early on and was able to enjoy a dinner with Heidi, “you me ask, what do you have on the heart”. In addition, there was for each to have a camera at the top.

Heidi and Ellen, the presence of

Who will be the next Star on the top model-sky is missing? On this question, Heidi, and guest judge Ellen at the decision to walk seemed to find an answer to. Before you flake the girls, however, in large, glistening snow-costumes made to strut, the shock: None of the candidate practiced before their appearance in the Slightest. “Why don’t you use your time?” the 45 asked-Year-old stunned. In the individual Interview you afterwards pushed later: “I am disappointed by the girls. The rum are all just sitting, make coffee, gossip and talk all the time.”

This tactic went on for four out of the 25 top model-candidates in the end. In the case of Maria, who could convince at the time of Shooting, was missing Heidi simply “the right bite”. Although she was “a pretty girl, but she’s not coming out of the Slippers,” said the 45-Year-old your decision. Also Loriane could not convince in the end, you see, according to Ellen “a bit sleepy”. “Because the presence is missing.” Who has this presence in your eyes? Contestant Joelle. Although Heidi had the 23-Year-old to send home, the photographer whipped out for them, however, their Wild Card and sent to you in the next round.

A dance from the series

After Naomi (16) and Celine (19) had to get Heidi Klum is no photo because you don’t have enough “would simply stand out from the crowd”, it came under the “GNTM”-candidate for Collin. Because while the Rest of the girls comforting the two most recently Retired took care of it, turned to Jasmine (18) aware of their comrades-in-arms. “I don’t need something like that, this is nursery school”, laughed at the Situation, visibly gloated. Is it doesn’t matter if others are flying out or not. “It’s not my Problem”, she made clear.

your Problem it was only, as Celine of the behavior of the Wind, got, asked, how one could be “so heartless”, and, therefore, the Rest of the girls ‘ grape against the 18-Year-old aufhetzte. Nobody wanted Jasmine, who had to resign as the last one before Heidi and Ellen, a photo for the next round. But you got it, because Heidi see in you a real “rough diamond”. Whether she gets this in her hometown of Los Angeles ground? For the 21 remaining candidates, it is pack now namely case. It goes to California, USA.



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