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In the small town of Flint in the US state of Oklahoma is raped a 13-year-old Boy and brutally murdered. The police did not need long to identify the culprit: it is the popular coach of the youth Baseball team, Terry Maitland. The likable 40-Year-old had such left many traces at the crime scene, and so many witnesses in blood-stained clothes showed that the investigators could hardly believe their luck.

your absolutely sure you arrest Maitland in the middle during a game at the baseball stadium in front of 1500 spectators. Almost everyone in the small town to witness the police action. The principle “in doubt for the accused” should not apply to Maitland, as the police and the public Prosecutor agreed. The father of two and “man of the year” by the city without prior consultation.


Stephen King – The Outsider

The 19-hour-long, unabridged audiobook version of the novel “The Outsider” there is in Audible to Download.

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The public prejudgement of the police has fatal consequences. The population of Flint is horrified. A Monster in their midst, in the form of the nice man next Door. Almost hysterical, the residents of Flint in front of the courthouse demanding the death penalty or equal to the lynching. The call for revenge is off the charts. The families of the victims and the alleged perpetrators be broken by the public hatred, before Maitland looks at all a judge.

However, Maitland a doubt, can prove that he was at the time in another city. But a human being in two places can be at the same time? Otherwise, the fact is not to explain in any case. Good 19 hours long version of “The Outsider turns in the audiobook” everything to this one question.

Who reads?

David Nathan staged the Horror, as always, fabulous. Here, the “King of audiobook speaker had to drill“” the “Outsider,” a thick Board, the same numerous characters and even more supporting cast one vote. David Nathan, the protagonist, however, scores in the handle and gives even the smaller roles, a distinctive character. Unfortunately, the speakers around laborierte to the beginning of the recordings still audible of a cold.

suitable For whom?

Even if the master of horror is coming to the Thriller genre in his old days, from the “Outsider” was not a real crime. But if you like police work and Horror alike, in the audiobook version is just right. For the impatient listener, King, as always, is a pain. The 71-Year-old writer paints his characters with the utmost meticulousness and stresses slowly. The idea of a protagonist, after many years of lighting a cigarette up for the first train there like 15 minutes can pass. You have to like. Especially when one suspects that many of these small studies contribute little to the actual story.

The author and the President

Stephen King can’t stand the new US President from the bottom of my heart, that’s for sure. In his nearly 40 Tweets King Trump calls only “blabbert mouth Don” seasoned with the adjectives “lazy”, “narcissistic”, “unprepared” and “ill-mannered”. The choice of Trump would come before “as you would have chosen, of all things, the drunk guy at the Party to the driver”. Friends are not more likely to be the two.

And so one could definitely read between the lines, that the King settles in “The Outsider” with Donald Trump and the social climate in the United States. In addition to the many direct allusions to the Trump King has settled the action, as usual, in the New England States, but in the Trump strongholds, Oklahoma, and Texas. Even with the core themes of the book the quick prejudgement that seems self-justice by the police, and the lure of the “easy solution” of problems to want to be King of the Americans to hold up a mirror.

What sucks?

The constant product placement. To place difficult to understand what may have ridden the old masters because, at each appropriate place of the product name. From the tablet, the highly acclaimed iPad will always be without you can’t imagine the life. Certain Software praises King, as well with names like car brands and drinks.

thrillers, novels, biographies: These audiobooks could you Fullscreen

like In the historical crime novel “The silent death” of the “Babylon Berlin”-the Creator of Volker Kutscher, it is a reunion with Gereon Rath and Charlotte knights, who get to do it with a series of murders in the film industry.


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