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A bit of Weed does harm however, it is often said that. But how safe is it?

there is Hardly a Plant polarizes as much as Cannabis. Simply put, one side stresses the relieving effect for patients in pain and Ill, as well as the low toxicity and demonstrated with colorful signs for a legalization. The other side, however, argues with a possible drug addiction, and strict youth protection. And while more and more countries opt for a regulated market with hemp, there appear new scientific studies that are fuelling the debate on the Use and damage in addition. Unfortunately, often not constructive because many of the studies of hashish and marijuana consumption are questionable.

Until the beginning of the week may have startled a study many. Therefore, can occur in the case of 14-Year-old after just one Smoking Weed changes in the brain. That sounds worrying – but what does it mean that the brain scans of some of these young people were striking? No one knows, unfortunately. Because it’s not just a small group of 46 adolescents was investigated, the research team interviewed only to your use of cannabis (the Journal of Neuroscience: Orr et al., 2018). Whether the subjects and the subject tried also other drugs like alcohol, not be charged the authors of the study. Also, drug tests do not pre-moved. What remains is a lot of excitement and uncertainty: there Was ever any damage (slightly enlarged brain regions are evidence of the not necessarily), and if Yes, what triggered them?

This example shows a fundamental Problem: Cannabis is not sufficiently researched; neither with regard to its therapeutic Benefit, yet the potential dangers of the Weed. This is due to the fact that the consumption of hemp has only been for about a decade in the USA, in some States regulated. There people Cannabis are allowed to smoke just to relax or for the fun of it in certain quantities or vaping, the parts of the Plant, mixing it into the food or in drinks. Many countries have followed the example of a regulated market for the drug, some were even earlier.

Many studies with many of the problems

science and medicine have so far had rather little interest in the hemp, and the Status as an illegal psychoactive substance is difficult to Gather evidence about the Plant values. How uncertain is still data to be able to hemp, evidenced by an evaluation of a large part of all relevant studies of the past 20 years, published by the national Academy of Sciences in the USA (National Academy of Sciences, 2017). Aggregated over many chapters, the conclusion is: What you know about hemp, is usually not unsafe, to occupy adequate, questionable or simply unknown.

the popularity of Cannabis which apparently has little influence, regardless of whether used illicitly or legally smoke weed. With consequences that are extremely difficult to evaluate. So has changed the composition of hashish and marijuana over the years. The two main parts of the cannabis flower, THC and CBD are the active ingredients. THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) is causing the noise, by binding to receptors in the nerve cells and signal transmission is affected. CBD (Cannabidiol) is probably pain, as well as anxiety and, therefore, also in some medicinal products (Booz, 2011).

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While the agents hold in the medical Cannabis the Balance has doubled, the THC content in the black-market products in the past ten years – at least in most of Europe. The a team of researchers from the University of Bath and King’s College London on the basis of the police seized drugs. (Addiction: Freeman et al., 2016) In contrast, the CBD content has decreased – that is to say, the products are always potent. According to the team of researchers from the London the Users and their consumption behaviour is also adapted to the more potent Cannabis. Instead, they smoke similar amounts as previously.

“growers and retailers are interested in your material will pop neatly. Because the buy people,” says Heino Stöver, Director of the Institute for addiction research in Frankfurt. A development that should concern the experts, prevention researchers and practitioners Addiction. For young people the possibility of damages are more likely than among adults. The risk for developmental and personality disorders, and mental disorders that can sometimes lead to a cure, is higher in young age (PNAS: Meier et al., 2012). Twelve or fourteen years, the brain is not developed yet completely.


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