Smoking Pot has on the Psyche, this is not news. Because of its psychoactive effect, people are consuming finally Cannabis. Many are aware of unwanted side effects. For some time the substance is suspected to psychosis, or even induce reinforce. Exactly to this question of magazine The Lancet Psychiatry (Di Forti et al in Medicine., 2019) now a new study published. In it, researchers come to the conclusion that psychosis among people who regularly consume Cannabis are more likely among those who smoke pot never. And: The stronger the THC content, the higher the risk.

“Our results show that Cannabis with a high THC concentration more a more damaging effect on mental health, as weaker forms of the substance,” said Marta Di Forti, a psychiatrist at King’s College in London and lead author of the study. THC (Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one of the two main parts of the cannabis active ingredients flowering and is causing the noise by the signal transmission of nerve cells affected in the brain.

The Team led by Di Forti respondents 901 people who were first diagnosed with a psychosis, to their previous use of Cannabis and other recreational drugs and compared the statements to those of a healthy control group. People from eleven locations in Europe and one in Brazil. The result: Those who took Cannabis daily had become ill compared to other one three times as large as at risk of psychosis. And Vice versa: Almost 30 percent of those with psychosis reported to consume each day Cannabis. In the healthy control group, there were less than seven percent. “This is a very carefully conducted study is to explain the tried, why the incidence of psychoses (note. the. Red.: the number of new mean sick in a certain period of time) in Europe is very varied,” said Dieter J. Meyerhoff, a biomedical scientist at the University of California in San Francisco, at the request of the journalists of the German Science Media centre (see box).

Science Media centre (SMC), The German Science Media centre

The Science Media centre in Germany, in short, SMC is a Service for quality assurance in science journalism. It is funded by universities, research institutes, companies and the media. Journalists of the SMC all editors for free of professionals tested information, scientific assessments, studies and quotes from researchers to the current messages available to subjects from the fields of medicine and life science, the environment and the climate, energy and mobility.

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