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Jesus read has Down syndrome. The face is round, the mouth open, the eyes slanted upwards. So the child of God clings to the image of the virgin Mary by the Italian painter Andrea Mantegna (1431-1506) to his mother. Children with trisomy 21, which is shown with this image, it has been always been. In the thousands of years old skeletons of the most common Chromosome anomaly in newborns. It is with this constant of human history, now coming to an end? The medical-technical progress could mean that soon no child with Down syndrome was born.

This fear of disabled people’s organisations and Church representatives as well as politicians from almost all political groups in the Bundestag at least. More than 100 parliamentarians from the CDU/CSU, SPD, Greens and FDP want to debate in the next few weeks in Parliament, the question of how far the prenatal diagnosis to go on, the more and more accurate information from Pregnant women and their offspring. For many critics of the Tests of a manhunt after sick children in the womb of the same – specifically: to babies with Down syndrome. You also ask, what have the medical control of the pregnant means life for the existing people with this disability for their right to assistance and their right to part. Some looks after the tedious attached to the paragraphs 219 and the prohibition to advertise for the abortion, the ethical large-scale conflict.

blood tests by the insurance of the trisomy blood test for free?

health insurance risk pregnant women in the future, the blood test for Down syndrome and other Trisomies? The Federal Joint Committee to decide, in 2019. Probably in favour of the Tests, because it offers medical many benefits. At the same time, the investigation is ethically controversial. On the occasion of the ongoing debate of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis has dedicated TIME ONLINE focus. All texts on the topics page of the blood test on Down syndrome to the Fund performance?

The current focus of read in the coming days:

What is prenatal testing on Unborn betrayed – an FAQ.”Women wear it with your body the social conflict,” says the family counselor Marina button in the Interview.A log of parents that the blood test: “You have no right to a healthy child.””The decision was terrible, but clearly” – a Few reported, why it has against a child with Down syndrome decided.


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