The television channel NHK, japan’s public has revealed, on Sunday, said Carlos Ghosn to investigators. Still in custody in Japan, the ex-director of the group Renault-Nissan denies any concealment of income and the malversations of which he is accused. The Franco-Lebanese-Brazilian, which was formally the CEO of Renault, had not been expressed since his arrest Monday in Tokyo.

Questioned by the justice, Carlos Ghosn has not exercised his right to remain silent, and said it had never been the intention to conceal income, according to unidentified sources quoted by NHK. He is suspected of having concealed its income from president of the board of directors of Nissan in the amount of 5 billion yen between June 2011 and June 2015. He is accused of having done the same thing for the three subsequent financial years, reported Friday the daily japanese Asahi Shimbun and Nikkei, a total of 8 billion yen, the equivalent of more than 62 million euros of income hidden from the financial authorities of the japanese.

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€ 30 million of non-reported

the One that was revoked Thursday by the presidency of the board of directors of Nissan is also suspected not to have declared a bonus of over € 30 million related to gains generated on shares, according to Nikkei. Kyodo news agency, meanwhile, said that Nissan had paid the sister of Carlos Ghosn 100 000 ($87 900 euros) per year since 2002 for a mission board fictional.

Greg Kelly, right arm of Carlos Ghosn, has also denied the allegations that his boss is the subject, indicating that the salaries of the latter had been paid as it should have, according to information from the japanese media published Sunday. Nisssan had put in place a team of ” secret “, including members of the board of directors, to investigate in-house this year on suspicion of destruction of evidence by Mr. Ghosn, according to sources cited by the news agency Kyodo News.

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