Carlos Ghosn happen Christmas out of his cell ? A japanese court rejected on Thursday a new request for extension of police custody of the CEO of Renault, which could be released soon on bail. Carlos Ghosn had been arrested and placed in custody on 19 November, as his right-hand man Greg Kelly.

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According to public broadcaster NHK, it could be released as early as Friday in exchange for the payment of a bond, pending his trial. The prosecutors ‘ office in Tokyo, however, should challenge the decision of the court, reported the news agency Jiji.

The officer of 64 years, who has experienced a precipitous fall when he was picked to the release of his private jet a month ago, currently has in a cell of a detention centre in Tokyo.

Concealment of income

He was charged on 10 December for failing to declare to the stock market authorities about 5 trillion yen (38 million euros) of revenues, over five years, from 2010 to 2015. His right arm Greg Kelly, arrested at the same time as him, was also charged.

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The custody of the two men had been extended on new suspicions of reduction of his emoluments, this time between 2015 and 2018, for a total amount of 4 billion yen (€31.1 million).

Sacked from the presidency of Nissan

Nissan is also sued as a legal entity, the prosecutor’s office judging that the liability of the company is also engaged because it is she who has delivered the report complained of to the stock market authorities.

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This is an internal survey conducted within the japanese manufacturer, which has led to the arrest of Carlos Ghosn, sacked in the wake of the presidency of the board of directors. He has also been relieved of one of Mitsubishi Motors, while Renault has maintained its position.


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